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Welcome to Master's Touch Homeschool Group, a homeschool support group serving Southeastern Wisconsin and surrounding areas.  The goal of our ministry is to be an encouragement to homeschool families, to offer fellowship opportunities, and activities to enrich their homeschool experience.  We welcome new homeschoolers, veteran homeschoolers, and those of you that are just "on the fence" about homeschooling!  Feel free to roam the website and contact us with any questions!

We exist to honor the Lord by encouraging and edifying other Christian homeschooling families through prayer and support, and by providing opportunities to meet with and connect to other families, to deepen our relationships with each other and with Jesus Christ. We seek to achieve this through meetings, get-togethers, and various activities such as field trips, cooperative enrichment classes, and fairs and bees.

We offer public and member's only activities.  We have various events and field trips, cooperative enrichment classes (not a drop-off program), fairs/bees to share our students' work in a group setting, Christmas and Valentine's parties, summertime park days and much more!   We rarely offer  drop-off programs or event.  If we do, it would be noted in the program or event.  We really strive to provide something for all ages!  As a member you are encourage to check the website for updates.  Members are also encourage to utilize the forum for prayer request, praises, homeschool ideas and miscellaneous information sharing. We also offer an Enrichment Program for our members. MTEP (Master's Touch Enrichment Program).  To learn more about it, click on the image below.


We love technology and Skype is super useful but we would like to meet you in person.  For the safety and security of our member families, we need to meet with folks who are interested in membership to make sure they are really homeschoolers rather than spammers, trollers, phishers, cyborgs, etcetera ...etcetera ...etcetera.  This is also a great opportunity to meet "us" ...when we say "us" we really mean someone from leadership.  You won't get bombarded with the whole leadership team.  You will most likely get to hang out with a wonderful team member and see if we fit your needs.  Feel free to attend an activity, meet up for a coffee break, or park date can be arranged!  Please contact us at to get information on an upcoming activity or set up a time to get together with members on our leadership team.  We are a volunteer-driven group, please be patient if we don't get back to you right away.  Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to become a member!

Calendar of Events

Milwaukee County Zoo: Free Admission
November 5 - Saturday
November 24 - Thursday
A Christmas Carol at The Rep
December 1 - Thursday
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM

Zoo Class Information