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Education Unlimited
WISDOM Homeschooling
2E Academy
The Home Education Exchange
School of Hope
Centre for Learning
Edmonton Public School Board
Alberta Home Education Association (AHEA)
Home site of the annual AHEA Convention in Red Deer. AHEA endorses traditional (parent-directed) homeschooling under the Home Education Regulation.
Includes resources & FAQs for new homeschoolers, convention info, provincial support group info, and government updates pertaining to homeschooling.
AHEA hosts a very active Facebook discussion page, a Pinterest page full of great ideas, and three separate FB pages for Events in Alberta of interest to HSers, for Support Group leaders, and for anyone new to HSing.
Home School Legal Defence Association - Canada (HSLDA)
HSLDA Canada works on behalf of Canadian home educators to provide legal & insurance services, as well as general services and resources in support of your decision to homeschool. Includes current Canadian research about homeschooling & information for families with preschoolers. Links to lots of resources and FAQs including "what about socialization". Membership with HSLDA is strongly recommended. Active FB page.
Alberta Government Learning Outcomes
List of core subjects and content to consider when designing your child's Home Education Program Plan. From the Alberta Home Education Handbook.
Alberta Government Home Education Info and Handbook
Describes home education in Alberta; includes the Home Education Regulation in Appendix A of the Handbook. (An updated version of this Regulation that was to be in place Sept 2015 is on hold pending government review.)
Funding - What Can Be Reimbursed
October 2016 AB Education released this document of what items will be reimbursed by home education funding. See "Homeschooling in Alberta" in the left menu for more information about Funding.
Why Homeschool?
Though written with teens in mind, this list of WHY families choose to homeschool will benefit all of us. See how many of these reasons match your reasons for launching into home education.
Why You Shouldn't Homeschool
A thoughtful blog listing valid reasons you might be thinking about, or others might be telling you. Read this if you're worried about getting started.
From Public School to Home's Cool
Consider 'deschooling' for a bit if your family is transitioning from public school to homeschool. This article explains why, and the next one in the author's series shows how.
What Others Might Say
This is a perspective from New York City, written primarily from a secular HSing point of view. Detailed article addressing common concerns others may have about your decision to HS.
Sample Teaching Methods
Creative ideas to adapt for teaching/assessment in your homeschool.
Choosing A Curriculum
Although homeschoolers may follow the Alberta Programs of Study or other classroom curricula, many prefer an education program plan that is better tailored to their family's unique needs. This article describes some options & encourages you to focus on what will work for YOUR family.
A curriculum is at its best when it is your servant, not your boss!
How My Child Learns & What Type of Homeschooler Am I?
Click on the Fun Quizzes to get you thinking about how you might like your own homeschool to look. (In this American quiz 'traditional' means a textbook/school-at-home approach to homeschooling. In Alberta, 'traditional' means that parents direct their own homeschool, rather than a school board directing it.)
Homeschool Curriculum Reviews
You don't always need curriculum, and homeschooling can cost as much or as little as you choose! Use this site to learn about what's available and whether it might fit your family's flavour of homeschooling and your child's learning style. Check the "Instant Key" of each review to save time.
(USA-based, but also includes Canadian curriculums, e.g. Donna Ward's Northwoods Press geography/history of Canada. Put Canada or Canadian in the search bar.)
Need more ideas? Ask at an HSCF meeting or on the members' forum.
Vendors & Resources Organized by Subject
A wealth of links that has been well organized by a homeschool board. Many of these vendors attend the AHEA convention each spring.
Canadian Social (History & Geography)
A favourite of many HS families! Curriculum for all ages. Her suggested Scope & Sequence for Social Studies is at
(Local Shopping) Second Chance Curriculum & Books
No website available. Amy Chaput has recently opened Second Chance Curriculum & Books in NE Edmonton.
Please text/phone Amy at 780-914-2988 or email for current hours.
SCCB offers an assortment of chapter books, games & puzzles as well as curriculum. New, used & consignment.
Online Shopping - Canadian
This Calgary vendor carries well-known general publishers with curriculum ideas organized by grade & subject.
OTHER Canadian resource suppliers include:
Cornerstone Learning (BC)
Anchor Academic Services (BC)
Heritage Resources (MB)
Learning House (ON)
And the list could be continued...ask at HSCF or look in the Member Directory to see what curriculum other HSCF families use, shop at the AHEA convention, or ask your facilitator for resource ideas that would work well for your family.
Online Shopping - American
Good for browsing; shipping & exchange are costly though these days, eh. Check first for available Canadian editions, e.g. Math-U-See (Canada), that can be ordered directly rather than through the USA.
Khan Academy
A very popular tutorial site of brief, specific clips for academic support, especially in maths & sciences. No need to sign up.
Easy Peasy Homeschooling
Here's an organized site full of free links & ideas to jumpstart your homeschooling in all sorts of subjects.
HomeschoolShare: Unit Studies, Lapbooking, Notebooking, etc.
This site is the result of homeschool families sharing their study guides and templates for all sorts of topics. It takes some time to find your way around it, but it's worth it!
ReadingEggs: Learning to Read
Another favourite site!
Math Facts Worksheets
Generate free worksheets & charts for math, telling time, counting, etc. Select from pre-made sheets K-5 or create your own. Let your kids design a few too!
Be encouraged by the Verse of the Day and all sorts of tools to find your way around the Bible.
Need Encouragement?
Browse this website for the nitty gritty practical stuff to keep you encouraged in your homeschooling.
The Old Schoolhouse
A free online magazine - it's a busy website worth figuring out! Has been the number one print magazine for homeschool families for many years.
Feeling Burnt Out?
Super practical 'first aid' if you feel like you're burning out & have lost the joy you once had in homeschooling.
Financial Hope
Learn from Dave Ramsey's resources & radio show how to manage your money using the 'baby steps'. Teach financial skills to your kids. His free budget tool is at
Homeschooling Special Needs Children
A Christian perspective from an Ottawa-area homeschool support group; includes link to NATHHAN. Favourite book: Learning in Spite of Labels, by Joyce Herzog.
Homeschooling Gifted Children
Homeschool-friendly website for understanding giftedness; includes twice exceptional students (giftedness + special needs). American - so when they refer to 'traditional' homeschooling, they're referring to the homeschool approach of using textbooks/workbooks/boxed curriculum all day (school at home).
Locally, google Association for Gifted Children of Edmonton.
The Canadian Homeschooler
Learning Resources from a Canadian perspective. Pretty much an endless supply of homeschool-related browsing!
National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI)
This is an example of current research in support of your decision to home educate. Dr. Brian Ray from NHERI spoke to our group in Aug 2015. Canadian research links are available at HSLDA and from our Homeschooling in Alberta page.
Creation Science
Home website of Creation Ministries International. Search the scholarly database of over 9000 science & apologetics articles. Click on their link for kids - games, activities & articles! Consider subscribing to their family-friendly Creation Magazine for all ages, or to their Journal of Creation, excellent for motivated senior highs & adults.
Creation Science Association of Alberta
Home site of Dr. Margaret Helder, regular speaker and science mentor. Publisher of a guidebook to take along with you if you're visiting the Tyrrell Museum & want to compare an evolution worldview with a creation science worldview as you study the same exhibits.
Answers in Genesis
Home website of Biblical worldview speaker, Ken Ham, and the Creation Science Museum in Kentucky. Their online store includes curriculum. Subscriptions available for their family-friendly Answers Magazine & for their Answers Research Journal. Talk to other HSCF families if you're planning a visit to their museum. Related resources are listed in the HSCF Library Database.
Summit Ministries
Christian worldview & apologetics. Loads of resources for "understanding the times" and being an effective communicator. Includes homeschool curriculum for all ages. Know what you believe & why!
Duke of Edinburgh's Award
For your teens to keep track of their volunteer hours & activities, earning an international award in the process. Usually represented at the AHEA Convention.
Homeschool Grads Panel Discussion
Wondering about homeschooling through high school? These are notes from a panel night we had at HSCF. Great answers to straight-up questions.
Homeschooling Thru High School in Alberta
Your role is changing from being a homeschool parent to a homeschool guidance counsellor! Great tips to help you make informed choices. Be sure to have a good relationship with your homeschool board & facilitator in prep for these amazing years of homeschooling. If your board isn't fitting with your family's philosophy & goals of homeschooling, look for one that does. Use the board links above to find more High School resources. Start now to keep organized records of what your teens are studying & doing so it's easier later on to build a portfolio, write a resume, a scholarship application, a transcript, etc.
Options for Parent-Directed (Traditional) Families
Your board will have its own approach to the high school years. Always choose or move to a board that supports how God is leading your family! This link is from one particular board, but shows ten possible options available to us for completing home school. Your board may provide some or all of these options.
Homeschooling Thru High School in General
Keep your homeschool AND your relationship with your teen vibrant in these years; you are reaping the rewards of the investment your family has made so far!
Open Courses
Curious about a particular field? Or about what a post-secondary course might be like? Check out over 2400 undergrad courses online from MIT.
If you'd like to take one or two courses from U of A, NAIT or MacEwan, google their "open studies". Rules apply at each place. Athabasca U accepts eligible high schoolers for all courses. It's worth a try to see if your post-secondary institution of choice offers open studies that can be taken during high school. This can be a helpful step toward your admission. (Consult the Alberta Transfer Guide if you're making plans to continue into a degree program!)
Planning a Homeschool Graduation
Information and resources for creating a memorable homeschool graduation. If you're on facebook, click from their website for current topics.
An alternative grad supply company in Canada is Jostens.
HSCF keeps a binder of reports from previous graduations if you'd like to read what other families have done.
AHEA now offers a Completion Ceremony at conference in April.
Check as well with your Homeschool Board.
Trade Secrets. For traditional homeschoolers, the RAP, credits, diploma route etc. are not required, though you can do them if you like.
Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)
A career-planning tool for public high school, post secondary, apprenticeship and career information. Now includes the updated Transfer Alberta information showing transfer agreements between institutions.
Check with your facilitator for homeschool-friendly options through high school & for post-secondary prep.
College Prep
Use this link for your senior students to explore college prep exams e.g. the SAT & Accuplacer. Sign up for one question per day! The public library has these & similar resources in print. Standardized testing is not necessarily required, but is one way to keep options open & to practise test-taking skills.
Local Post Secondary Institutions
List of Edmonton-area institutions and open houses.
Can Homeschoolers Get Into Colleges?
Yes! We can't think of a single college or university in Alberta anymore that won't take homeschoolers. Always check their policy. This article is American-based, but will give you courage!
Thoughts about HSers in Post Secondary
From a local homeschool board. Click on the post-secondary option to read several articles about post-secondary admissions, the SAT, etc. These will help you to understand the admissions process better.
This link and are two sources for scholarship information in Canada. Entrance scholarships are often awarded to first-year students. Check regularly for other scholarships or bursaries at each institution.
The Empty Homeschool
Insight from a mom about the transition from homeschooling after graduating her youngest.
"Collect, Organize, Cite, Sync & Collaborate" with Zotero. Download this free software to help your whole family keep track of what is read, watched & listened to. Can be used on all of your computers, automatically keeps bibliographic information, lets your kids write & share a note about each resource, etc.
Printable Helps for Teaching
Do you like lists and planners? Need a few sheets of graph paper? (It's great for learning long division.) Need a lab report form? Or blank strips for cartooning? Oodles of free printables for multiple subjects from Donna Young's popular site.
Fly Lady
They say it works to follow her advice!
Free Rice
Popular site to practise vocabulary, math, languages and other subjects. Rice is donated for each correct answer. (Really!)
Excellent AND free! Choose from over twenty languages & learn naturally; track your progress. Works just as easily on your home computer or as an app.
Free Audio and eBooks
Easy-to-use source of hundreds of classics, short stories, children's and other books to listen to and optionally download or read text along with. Browse by genre or by search bar. Not sure about a particular book? Click on the cover to read a synopsis of it. Browse for books in a second language that you might be studying.
Printables from Enchanted Learning
This site has been around for years, offering thousands of printables for every subject. Print some off and pack them in Ziplocs with pencils or markers to pull out as a quick activity. Use the free samples or subscribe for $20US/year.
Vintage Resources
Free downloads of classics, out-of-print, out-of-copyright resources - books, sheet music, original documents & publications, etc. Even includes old radio shows and vintage sermons.
Computer Tutorials
Completely free tutorials to help you learn about your computer: Word, Excel, keyboarding, internet, etc. Includes other everyday life tutorials as well.
Games Galore!
Hundreds of free, online educational games for everyone - preK to college - in all sorts of subject areas. Click on 'world' to find Canadian Geography games.
Free Activity Pages
Over 10,000 pages of well-organized free printables. Check out the holidays tab!