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Christian Home Educators of Colorado
This site has some free printable worksheets.
Fly Lady
Household cleaning and organizing website.
Grocery Game
This website helps you save money on groceries. It costs $10 for every 8 weeks, but you more then make-up for it in savings at the store. Basically, it tell you every Sunday which products are on sale and if coupons have come out for it recently. Belive it or not you can actually get some things free after sales and coupons are added together.
Family Man Ministries
"Reminding Dads of what's important" This site is very humorous!
First Lego League
First Lego League inspires 9-14 year olds in science and technology. FLL presents an interactive program that inpires kids to use science and technology as they master the dynamics of teamwork and problemsolving. FLL hosts competitions with teams consisting of about 7 players. Each team member takes on specific roles and responsibilities to accomplish a challenge.
Jeffco Schools Homeschool Registration
This link has the address needed to register your homeschool (i.e. file your letter of intent). In Colorado you can register with any school district.
Homeschool news
Whole Heart Ministries
Ministry designed to strengthen families to follow God wholeheartedly. Includes online catalog of products especially for christian parents.
Fun Stuff
fun stuff for kids create your own checklists and chore charts
A great, engaging website that allows you to create your own chore charts and checklists. Can be modified for age, especially great for young kids, with bright colors and fun pictures.
Humor for homeschooling moms
Just something fun!
Free Activities in Colorado
This is a website of everything free you could possibly do in Colorado. All the research is done for you! Take a look.