The Well Trained Mind
The Well-Trained Mind, a book published in 1999 by W.W. Norton, serves as a resource for parents wanting to educate their children according to the classical model of education. This site complements the information in the book, providing updated resources, articles, links, and other information useful to parents who are actively involved in their family's education.
The Home School Store
This is a store in Houston that sells home school supplies and has a huge used sections. They will also buy used books from you.
American Heritage Girls
This is a non profit organization dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country.
Media Talk 101
Biblcal Help for a Media Saturated Society
Affordable curriculum, lapbooks, & homeschooling resources that are mostly all e-books and downloadable curriculum
Library and Educational Services (LES)
This is a great way to purchase books wholesale! They are Christian and homeschool friendly!
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------'s vision is as big as its name: to provide a large-scale, cost-effective download venue for customers of all ages, featuring trustworthy, downloadable audio and video content for the Christian family. Enjoy a wide selection of media, including music, feature films, audio dramas, sermons, and more! To learn more, visit the About Us page, or view our brief video tour of the site.
Froguts, Virtual Dissections
Froguts Inc is a Bio-eLearning company focused on creating the most engaging virtual dissection and lab software available. Our computer simulations of dissections and labs for K-12 and higher education engages students with immersive and interactive 3-D simulations of anatomy and physiology.
Home school help
Texas Home School Coalition
* serves and protects Texas home school families by helping its members if they have problems with government officials related to their right to teach their children at home - including written or verbal intervention and, when necessary, legal assistance.
The Old School house Magazine
The Old Schoolhouse is a glossy, full-color magazine packed with information and articles that homeschoolers enjoy reading. Deborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor, and TOS is blessed to have her! We are privileged to feature noted authors both in the magazine and on the website. Check out our How to Homeschool page for a wonderful library of homeschooling articles. TOS has played host to dozens of wonderful guests, either through interviews or as contributing writers.
The Home school Buyers Co op
The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the nation's largest purchasing cooperative for homeschooling families.
Home School Legal Defense Association
is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.
ABC TEACH online
This is the place for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers. Free Printables: 5000+ free printable pages and worksheets.
HEP Home Educators Partnership Book store
This is a book store in South Houston that carries a wide variety of home school needs. They also have many claasses.
The Teaching Pioneer
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Khan Academy FREE
Math Helps FREE
This UK website includes quick reference leaflets, teach-yourself

booklets, practice and revision booklets, on-line exercises, Mathtutor

video tutorials, iPod video segments, 3GP mobile phone downloads,

Facts & Formulae Leaflets, links to other resources, and more.

http://www.mathcent students. php
Math Helps FREE
It's hard to explain via e-mail so I have attached a link. I learned about this method through the Math Basics video in the The Great Courses high school math series. I taught it to my 10 year old who had never multiplied more than 2 single digits together. After watching a 30 minute instructional piece on this method she did 2 worksheets for 2 and 3 digits multiplication problems!!!

http://www.supertea cherworksheets. com/lattice. html
Microsoft FREE Beginner Developer Learning Center
From another list...

>>In doing a little research following everyone's great recommendations, I came across the following page at Microsoft:

http://msdn. microsoft. com/en-us/ beginner/ default.aspx

Apparently Microsoft has a free Beginner Developer Learning Center, basically a free computer programming course. It looks like the Web Track and Windows Track have straightforward lessons, while the Kids Corner has lessons plus teacher lesson plans and quizzes (probably geared more towards a public/private school environment with many kids and much hand-holding, didn't really explore this section much as it looked like a whole lot of unnecessary work for me! :-)
FREE Math Worksheets
Found a website that has free Math worksheets. Check it out.
FREE Certificates Downloads
GPA Calculator
My 16 yod is now driving. The insurance company said that she would be eligible for a discount (about $600 per year) if she had a 3.0 GPA or above; but I would have to show proof of the GPA. Of course I want the discount and didn't know how to calculate the GPA. Here is a website that explains it very well.

Graphing calculator website
Here is a link to a website that is a graphing calculator. Hope this helps someone.

http://my.hrw. com/math06_ 07/nsmedia/ tools/Graph_ Calculator/ graphCalc. html
Virtual Homeschool Convention 24/7
Just discovered this link:

This is an online, virtual convention. It's FREE, it's 24/7 (cuz it's virtual), and there are a growing number of vendors.

Anyway, Check it out when you have some time. Lot's of good deals and information.
Audio books for FREE
Google Books
--- In conservativehs2c@ yahoogroups. com, Classicaledmom@ ... wrote:
> You can read these online for free over 1,000,000 books so many classics. Here is the link: http://books.
The Great Books
FREE Audio Stories for kids
FYI - Free Audio stories for kids
Children's Stories to Download
FYI - Free - download the children stories and listen to them on the computer
Tales of Castles
Out of print book sources
Out of Print books (out of print books)
Book price comparisons (compares the price of book to other sellers.
Misc. Helps
Formal Wear
Hey guys, I heard KSBJ talking about this organization. I looked it up and plan on using it as a resource for my job. Not many homeschoolers have proms, but I wanted to share it anyway. REACH does have a high school formal Fairy God Mother Project also handles other dances (various ages) on a case by case basis. This is open to any girl/boy, no proof of financial need, just a school ID or driver's license.

FREE Military Shipping Supplies
Homeschool HighSchool Helps
Online Calculator
The following link takes you to the free trial of the calculator:
Piano teachers
Piano teachers
Her name is LouAnn bussey and phone number is 281 788 2592. She lives at 1015 Valley Acres Rd. Houston.77062. She is $80a month. Also Diane Rector teaches. I don't know her prices but I am sure she would work with you. 832 266 6810. she lives at 1306 Lily, DP.
Piano teachers
Glen Wester (281) 930-9303 I just spoke with Glen’s wife. He does have openings. He is one of the most respected teachers in Texas.

Bonnie Gilbert (281) 470-3004 Also an excellent teacher.
Chopin Studio
Claudia Cossino
Piano teachers
Gwen Riner gives lessons at Pearland Home School Alliance (www.phsapearland. com) and Denise Prebilsky gives at her home in Friendswood (she's taught for many years and is awesome; email: dpre@earthlink. net).