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Homeschooling When It’s Harder Than You Bargained For - Posted 11/6/14

When we begin homeschooling, we can’t always foresee that inevitably there will be months, perhaps even years, that threaten to sink us. In the toughest, most trying times, when we feel we cannot possibly do what God is calling us to do, He refashions, remakes, rewrites, and redeems. We have to remind ourselves that in and above it all stands the God Who loves us more than we will ever love ourselves or each other, and that He has written our stories for His glory

Build a Virtual Science Lab With PhET - Posted 11/6/14

Some science topics cannot be taught easily without a laboratory, but there are some terrific resources online to help homeschooled families build their own surprisingly complete virtual science lab—entirely for free.

Homeschool Infographic - Posted 8/21/13
Is Public School an Option? - Posted 7/10/14


How to Adjust Your Curriculum - Posted 8/21/14

Sometimes when you start the year things don't go as smoothly as you would like this article explains how to adjust your curriculum and make it the best it can be for your family. Let’s work together to find some ways to make the material you have in hand or can get free work for your homeschool!

Nobody’s Normal - Posted 8/21/14

Scripture teaches us that all humans are created in the image of God; therefore, all humans are inherently beautiful. When we embrace the self-centered lie of Normal we assume the role of God and declare someone ugly simply because he or she doesn’t look like us. That’s ugly. However, when we embrace the God-centered truth that nobody’s Normal we maintain our humble role as God’s child and appreciate His exquisite creativity. That’s beautiful

Molly’s Frugal Homeschooling - Posted 8/21/14

Many have heard of Molly Green she writes about how to live and homeschool Frugally. There are some great ideas on how to save money while homeschooling.

Parenting Grace - Posted 9/17/14

A poster to put up and remind you of what is really important.

Journaling - Posted 9/17/14

Maybe you should consider journaling to remember all of those precious things that happen along the way. Journaling can serve as a reminder of the goodness of God in our lives. Let’s challenge ourselves to leave these priceless treasures for our families in hopes of encouraging and inspiring them for the glory of God.

Get Organized for Homeschooling - Posted 9/17/14

Once you make the decision to homeschool or before you start each year the best and first thing to do is to get organized. Let’s go!

A Kitchen Table Education - Posted 9/17/14

Here is an article from a home school graduate sharing why she is happy her parents homeschooled her even when she wanted to go to public school.

Homeschool on a Budget Excellence Without the Extra Cost - Posted 9/17/14

Really good advice on how to set your budget and really get what you need. It also has some links to free resources you can take advantage of.