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Fall semester begins Sept. 12th

Class Selection begins Aug. 1st 12:00am.




1. Complete all required fields on this application, including child information for each student with first & last name enrolling in classes (including Pre-wish). For multiple children, use ADD ANOTHER  link at bottom of child info box. Be sure to list your cell phone as your priority phone.

2. Submit $25 deposit if paying out of pocket.

3. Download and read the WISH Family Handbook

4. Read and agree to the Enrollment Agreement. Initial where indicated.

5. Select your parent service assignment preference.

6. Email class selections on Aug. 1st for each student to Jodie for placement into classes. If you are choosing a one semester class, please indicate your 2nd semester class choice as well. Also, indicate payment type (Direct or Charter) for each child.  If you are interested in any class designated as FULL, please ask to be put on the waitlist and include an alternate choice for that class.


There are many features on our website that are new to our community - forums, classifieds, etc.   Some teachers will be using the forum boards for their classes.  If you want your student, in addition to yourself, to receive these messages, please add his/her email address in the ADDITIONAL EMAIL ADDRESS field and select YES for weekly updates.


Please note, when choosing which forums to receive, "Official Notices" is required by all families.

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Additional Questions:

Name and phone number of two individuals that can be reached during WISH hours in case of emergency.  At least one contact must be a person NOT attending WISH.

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