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I. Opportunities to Serve on Fellowship Fridays  Most Fridays during the school year, our group meets at Lincoln Park. We have PE classes for our children age 4 through grade 12 and support groups for moms. Of course, the success of these activities is based on the volunteer efforts of our group. Please indicate below whether you would be interested in serving in a particular area on Fridays. 

II. Opportunities to Serve at Regular Events     Throughout the school year, CHET-SE has groups that meet regularly. Please indicate below whether you would like to facilitate or help to facilitate any of these activities.

III: Opportunities to Serve: Field Trips      One of the highlights of being a part of a homeschool group are the opportunities for field trips together. Please indicate if you would like to help organize field trips based on ages indicated.

IV. Opportunities to Serve at Academic Bees & Fairs  Please indicate whether you would like to facilitate or help facilitate the following events:

V. Opportunities to Serve: Special Events   

VII. Opportunities to Serve: Family Events 

VII. Graduations

IX. Opportunities to Serve: Serving Members

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P.O. Box 31952

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Membership dues ($26) for new and renewing members may be paid at the General Membership Meeting (GMM) on August 28  or mailed to the above address prior to August 28, 2015 (postmarked by Aug. 28).  New members must submit dues immediately after registration to gain access to the website. Beginning August 31, dues will be $31 for renewing members only.