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NWMH requires that you are currently a homeschooler (or plan to home educate in the near future) and that you live within a 40 mile radius of the Big Lake/Monticello Area.  

Before you are granted access to our group, you are required to "meet us".  This is a new policy to ensure the safety of our members, their children and our personal information.  After completing the registration below, you will receive instructions from our Group Administrator on how to set up an initial meeting.  This can be done at one of our Weekly Park Days, a Mom's Night Out event or a Coffee Date/Meet & Greet with our Administrator or another involved member of our group. 

All members are required to pay a group Membership fee of $10.00 per year.  Membership dues must be paid before gaining access to our secure group page, and by September 30th each year thereafter, in order to remain an active member of NWMH. If you join this group after September 30th, you will be given a "prorated" amount to pay to obtain membership.  (Example: if you join in March, you will only be required to pay $5 for half a year's membership, etc.)

Membership fees are non-refundable.  Please pay your fee AFTER you meet with our group and/or leadership to ensure this group is a good fit for your family.  

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