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Membership in Henderson County Homeschool Association (HCHA) entitles your family to access our website, e-mail updates, newsletter, and the opportunity to participate in many social and academic activities for parents and students.  All HCHA members must either be homeschooling one child or seriously considering homeschooling within the year.




This is a private website for members only of HCHA.  To complete the membership process you will need to fill out the following forms and pay your membership dues.  


A limited number of scholarships are available for families in need.  Scholarships need to be pre-approved and applications can be found on the website's home page.  Would you like to scholarship another family or provide a senior scholarship?  If so, please check the appropriate box at the end of the registration process and an additional $55 will be designated for scholarships when you check-out.


Please review the HCHA Handbook at the TERMS OF SERVICE link below.

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