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Families who join and allow their personal information to be included on this website should be assured that their information will not be misused.  All members agree to the following statements:

1.   Only individual, Christian home school families residing in Baldwin County Alabama or the Pensacola, Florida may join.  Organizations will not be accepted for membership.  Families must have at least one child 4 years of age or older to be accepted into our group.  Most of our activities are geared towards school aged children.

2.    The Family Directory list will not be used for commercial purposes or to solicit funds for any purpose. 

3.  BEACH Group members agree to accept communication from the site administrator via email.  We have a closed, private Facebook page that you need to be invited by a fellow member to join if you are  interested.

4.  Parents of our members agree to be responsible for the behavior of their children and for themselves.  Unethical or threatening behavior will not be tolerated.

5.    Members agree to school according to Alabama law, overseeing their child's education, and being the final decision maker for grades given.

6.    Parents have read and agree to the following Behavior and Dress Code guidelines:

7.    Families of BEACH agree that they are presently homeschooling and living in our local area.

Students will be respectful to adult leaders/parents, other students, and to all property of others.  This includes no profanity, fighting, use of illegal substances or destruction of property.  Damage to property or items contained on property may result in that student's family being removed from the BEACH group -- No refund of fees will be made. 
Adults and students agree to be respectful when using the BEACH Forum and Facebook by not using profanity, gossiping, being dishonest, or treating others unkindly.  The Forum is intended for communication regarding BEACH functions, education and community announcements. The same respectful attitude is expected for all BEACH related functions.
Students will dress modestly and appropriately for all BEACH events.  No clothing with profanity, sexual innuendo, or anti-Christian themes will be allowed.  At swimming events, girls should wear tankini's or one piece suits. 

Legal Disclaimer

BEACH members agree to the following:

  • B.E.A.C.H. is not a legal entity with liability insurance.  All participation is voluntary and parents will rely on their own insurance or other means to cover any accidents which may require treatment for themselves or any of their children during any B.E.A.C.H. activity.
  • I understand that the information contained on the private pages of the B.E.A.C.H. website are confidential and acknowledge that all rights to content of all password protected private pages are the exclusive property of the B.E.A.C.H. group.  I will not copy in whole or part, nor share, information from the site with non-members, without permission from the site administrator. 

7.    The site administrator reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership of any family who violates the terms of this membership agreement.

MEMBERSHIP FEES are $7.50 per year, per family, non-refundable.  Families can send cash or money order to our administrator at the address below.  We also accept PayPal payments to tracyhensen@yahoo.com.  Please send PayPal using the friend and family option. The administrator will send one payment to Homeschool-Life upon being invoiced.  Please make money orders out to and mail to:
     Tracy Hill
     PO Box 6953
     Gulf Shores, AL 36547

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