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1.  TORCH is an all volunteer support group.  Members are encouraged to actively participate, and understand they may occasionally be asked to assist with an event by providing supervision, supplies or other assistance. 

2.  Members agree they are homeschooling in compliance with their respective state's law.

3.  Membership area encompasses Texarkana, Texas, Texarkana, Arkansas and the surrounding area.

3.  Membership is $25.00, per family, per year. Fees are used to maintain website, a PO Box, purchase needed group supplies, pay guest speakers and at times help with event expenses. A Monthly Financial Report is made available on the website.

4. Membership dues and application can be submitted in person at a TORCH Monthly Meeting or to a TORCH Board Member at other TORCH sponsored event. The application is available for download in the left hand menu under Membership Info Pack and at TORCH Monthly Meetings.

4.  Access to website will be enabled as soon as your application and dues are received and your membership is approved. Members agree to keep their family information current on the website.

5.  Members understand that TORCH is not a legal entity with liability insurance and that all participation  is voluntary.   Parents will rely on their own insurance or other means to cover any accidents which may require treatment for themselves or any of their children during any TORCH activity.

6.  Members understand that the information contained on the private pages of the TORCH website are confidential and acknowledge that all rights to content of all password protected private pages are the exclusive property of the TORCH group.  Members will not copy in whole or part, nor share, information from the site with non-members, without permission from the site administrator. 

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