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NEW Members: Please fill out the online form for membership, and then fill out the membership form located in the membership documents section of the website. A lot of the information is repeated, but all new members must have a paper membership application on file with the group. You may pay your dues either online or mail a money order or check along with your membership form to Stephen Acton. His address is on the membership form. You may also choose to attend a parent meeting and fill out the membership application and pay your dues at that time. Website access will be granted as soon as membership dues are received.

RENEWING Members: Access will be granted once your online or paper application is processed.  

Membership Requirements

A.  Must currently be Homeschooling at least one child at home.

B.  Payment of non-refundable annual dues-- $50.00 (January-May annual dues $25)

C.  Each family will need to serve in some way. Some ideas are organizing a field trip, running the kids time during a monthly meeting, helping in the nursery during a meeting etc...

D. The F.A.I.T.H. School Year runs from August 1 to July 31.

E. We must remember that we are representatives of the homeschooling community, as well as of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we must behave accordingly.  Parents are expected to maintain control of their children at all times.  Politeness, respect and attentiveness are expected at all times.  Consistent violation of this requirement may result in members being asked to leave and/or not to attend future function(s).

F. By submitting a signed membership form to F.A.I.T.H, members agree to abide by all By-Laws, Guidelines and Policies & Procedures.

G. Must sign and submit Liability Form each year of membership to release F.A.I.T.H. from any medical or personal liability.


The annual dues are $50.00 per family. They will be used to pay the cost of monthly meeting location, miscellaneous administrative costs, holiday parties and website fees. Any additional costs incurred by any specific event such as a field trip, will be passed on to the members that are participating in said event.

We have established a scholarship fund that will be available for families to cover either their annual dues or the cost of academic enrichment field trips. There is a line on the membership application / renewal form for you to make an donation to the scholarship campaign at the time you pay your own dues, if that is something you are interested in doing.


Benefits available to members

  • Online Website Access which includes: group calendar, links, photo gallery, forum, classifieds, business directory, contact information, membership documents and online registrations.
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Membership Directory
  • Participation in Field Trips
  • Holiday Parties and all other activities, programs and events the members provide.
  • Those with interest in joining FAITH may attend our family support group meetings.

- Members are encouraged to use their skills and talents to aid, encourage and inspire others.
- Members may plan field trips, group activities, social events, classes and anything else that would be of benefit to the group. Those who set up activities may set the age guidelines, fees, and any other expectations of those who wish to attend. All events must be given to the Calendar/Newspaper Editor committee member for publication. 





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We are establishing a scholarship fund that will be available for families to cover either their annual dues or the cost of academic enrichment field trips. A line has been added to the PayPal form to give you the opportunity to donate to this fund. 

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