Welcome to the Chippewa Valley Homeschooling forum.  Our primary purpose is to provide a network for the homeschooling families in the Chippewa Valley.   We are linked in such a way that all of our members are able to inform other families of events and programs that may be of special interest to homeschoolers.  We also ask questions of each other and get answers from a wide variety of other families.

We ARE NOT a face-to-face type of homeschooling support group.   Our support consists mostly of the forum interaction but all of the area wide events for homeschooling are announced on our site.  

Many of our families are in support groups in the area (listed on the sidebar) that provide opportunities for field trips, mom's meetings, etc.  For other families CVHS is their entire homeschool support team.  

We look forward to getting to know you if you decide to join us!