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Pandemic Schooling Info

Pandemic Schooling Info

If parents are looking to homeschool this coming school year due to the pandemic with the intent to return back to the public school when the current virus situation clears up; here are some things they will want to be aware of.

Parents will need to consider if their students should attend an accredited online school so that the student’s credits transfer back to the public-school system. This is primarily for high school students, as public schools will want students to test for high school credits if they have not attended an accredited school. Middle school and elementary are much more lenient on this topic and usually will allow students to flow back into the system based on parents’ assessment of the student’s abilities. This is something you will want to investigate with your district prior to removing them from school. Also, if they are currently enrolled in a special program (dual language, etc.) parents will want to visit with the school about the possibility of them returning to the program the following year.

Homeschooling requires meticulous parental involvement even with online classes. Students need daily guidance on keeping up with assignments, organizing their time, and answering questions regarding assignments without this they fall behind and get overwhelmed with the workload.

Online schools typically meet once or twice a week depending on the class. Students are then given assignments to be completed and turned in by a specific date. These are great for middle school and high school as it is not too much time on the computer, most of the instruction is given during class, and it teaches discipline in completing tasks on a deadline. Teachers are generally available for questions via email or office hours. K-12, Connections, Liberty Online Academy, Abeka Online Academy, Texas Tech ISD are just of few of the many available options.

The priority with elementary students is covering reading, writing, arithmetic, and good citizenship. This are easily done at home if you are willing to put forth the needed time. There are many curriculum options available that are easy to follow. Parents work side by side with their students to complete the assignments. Supplement with some books read aloud and you are good to go.

Socializing in this pandemic; families should try to connect with other families that are looking to homeschool for the year too. Find one or two families with children about the same age and create a little school bubble. Parents can plan play dates, game nights, movie nights, take field trips, do service projects, have a book club, etc. Students often feel like things are more fun with friends, so creating a small group with likeminded families helps them meet that need during this difficult time. Check out the Facebook page: New Homeschoolers of the Greater Boerne Area.


Considering joining BACH? Things to know up front

We are a Christian organization. Students do occasionally hear about God, Jesus, and salvation in class.

We are not accredited and do not offer core classes for elementary students. We only offer supplemental enrichment classes for these grades. We do have some core classes for middle school and high school but not everything needed to round out a full year.

Cost involved: $50 to join, an additional $40 if taking any classes (co-op fee), monthly fees based on chosen classes, and some classes have supply fees. We do offer some true co-op style classes where parents take turns teaching in lieu of fees. There will be a drop fee assessed if classes are dropped after registration.

We have one mandatory meeting per year but offer other support meetings throughout the year. These will likely be done on Zoom this year.

Volunteer time is required if taking classes with BACH.

We will be requiring mask or face shields on students until further notice.

We will be a drop off and pick up this year. You may not stay while your student is in class. We are trying to limit exposure to students and teachers as much as possible this year. Feel free to take this time to run by HEB, the library, or other errands.

We hope to get back to group wide field trips and social activities this year, but it will depend on the status of the virus and local recommendations, for now those things are on hold.


Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.   BACH@bachboernehomeschool.org