Metro Home Educators

2022-2023 Classes

Class times:  9:00 - 11:45 AM

First Semester (Fall): September 12 - November 14

Second Semester (Spring): January 12 - March 27*

*We will not meet March 13 for Spring Break

April 3 and 10 are reserved for make up days

Class Fees 

Membership Fee: $15 per family

Class Registration Fee: 

  • $25 per child ages 5+
  • $10 per child ages 3-4 (preschool)
  • The Nursery is free of charge to families with older siblings enrolled in classes 

Ages 3-4

Preschoolers will split their time between playing in the "Nursery" and traditional preschool-based instruction

Ages 5-7

Fall Semester:  Gym, Music Apprciation, Geology

Spring Semester:  Gym, American Sign Language, Literature Art

Ages 8-11

Fall Semester:  Gym, Music Appreciation, Geology

Spring Semester:  Gym, Egg Drop science, Psalm 23

Ages 12+

Fall Semester:  Gym, RC Racers, Cos-Play (planning, building character/setting, budgeting, sewing & more)

Spring Semester:  Gym, Financial Peace, Art