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Basketball Registration Info

2019 CHSA Basketball Registration

Saturday, September 14th


Sagemont Church Gym - 11323 Hughes Rd
(see attached map for directions)

We require that each player and at least one parent attend. If you have more than one child playing, then both parents should come so that each player has a parent at their individual team meeting. If it is not possible for you to attend Registration, please contact Cindy Dube (cdube34@gmail.com) beforehand so a good time to reschedule and collection of information can be determined.

The morning has changed somewhat to cover all the necessary information prior to all required payments.

All CHSA Basketball Meeting:  9:00am-10:10am

Individual Team Meetings: 10:15 am-11:15am

Registration Stations:


All CHSA Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening prayer/welcome
  2. Form Review
  3. Player Representatives
  4. Volunteer Positions
  5. Fundraising
  6. Tournaments
  7. Website
  8. Closing Prayer

Individual Team Meetings

Everyone will be dismissed to attend the team meetings prior to rotating through the stations.  Locations will be determined and shared the morning of registration.


Items to have completed or bring:

  1. Online parent/player guidelines form
  2. Online Medical release form (if not submitted at summer practice or tryouts)
  3. Birth Certificate, can be a certified copy as we will not be keeping, just scanning.
  4. Register for a website ID (if new to CHSA), update profile if returning family.
  5. Checkbook

Stations: (after checking in, you can go to any available station and get checked before payment).

  1. Check-in Station-Paperwork
    1. Submit paperwork listed above
    2. Confirm website registration (or register on the spot)
    3. Receive registration checklist to use at subsequent stations
  2. Birth Certificate Scanning
  3. Volunteer Station
    1. Confirm requested volunteer position or select one from list available.  You will be contacted by the event coordinator for training or more details if necessary.
  4. Uniform Station
    1. Jersey number verification/assignment
    2. New uniform steps if you were not at tryouts/summer practices
      • BV
        • Determine appropriate sizes
        • Returning players confirm uniform
      • 12U/10U
        • Determine appropriate sizes for jersey
      • BJV/B14U
        • Confirm sizing of uniform
        • Returning players validate information
  5. Fundraiser Station
    • Submit Sponsor sheet from Sponsor shirt fundraiser.  Determine fundraiser needs. Sign up for Scrip if haven't already
  6. Payment Station-Registration Fees, uniform payment, fundraiser buyout.
    1. Registration Fees -See schedule below.
    2. Uniform fees
      1. 12U/10U - $50 jersey purchase only
      2. B14U & BV -$105 purchase

Payment options-cash/check discount and option for paying online through Paypal.


Cash/check discount 

If paying online






















G12 &10



* Uniform Rental Included