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CHSA Board 2023-2024

President:  Shannon Mitchell, 281-900-0437

Treasurer:  Scott Berry, 832-816-4987

Secretary: Heather Munoz, 281-508-2891


Vice President Basketball: Martin Landaverde, 713-757-2342

Head Coach of Boy's Basketball Program:  Gary Milbourne, 832-561-5664

Head Coach of Girl's Basketball Program:  Kyle Sapaugh, 832-221-8708

Player Representative for Boy's Basketball:  Terry Winkler, 832-527-6369

Player Representative for Girl's Basketball: Sarah Massey, 773-699-6067


Vice President Volleyball: Vacant

Head Coach of Volleyball (Director of Coaches): Vacant

Player Representative for Volleyball: Shelley Moreno, 832-513-5906



Board Nominations:

CHSA board candidates may be nominated during the nomination period of the particular sport. Nominations for President, Secretary, and Treasurer may be made by any CHSA member in good standing with a child in the CHSA program. Sport-specific nominations may be made by any CHSA member in good standing with a child involved in that particular sport within the CHSA program. Make sure the candidate is willing to accept the responsibilities of the position before their name is submitted for nomination. New candidates are voted in by the current board. If more than one candidate is nominated for a position, then an interview process will take place. Only one candidate will be chosen by vote of the current board to fill the single position with the associated responsibilities and duties.  

Click here for board position job descriptions.