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Any family actively involved in or contemplating the homeschooling of their children may become a member of this group after acknowledgment of and signature agreeing to abide by the group’s Statement of Faith, Bylaws, Field Trip Guidelines, Social Media Guidelines, Liability Waiver, Photo/Video/Website Release, and payment of the annual non-refundable dues which expire on July 31st of the following calendar year.  We expect our members to comply with all decisions made by the Board of Directors.  Out of respect for others’ privacy, members are not to share the membership directory, in its entirety, with non-members or to sell any part of it or use it for purposeful gain.

Please carefully read each of the items in the TERMS OF SERVICE as they are very specific to LIGHT, not the website server, and check the button to indicate you've read each item and agree to abide by the terms.

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