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Network Fees/Tuition

Network Fees/Tuition

Annual Registration Fee (non-refundable): 

  • $50 per family, regardless the number of students attending The Network.

Tuition Fee (Per class):

  • Yearly tuition rates are $289 per class
  • Tuition fees are paid on a quarterly basis of $72.25 per class. [Example:  One class would cost $289.00  So, $289 / 4 = $72.25 due each quarterly period]
  • Due dates for tuition are:
    • September 7th
    • November 7th
    • January 7th
    • March 7th
  • If payments are late, a $10 fee will be assessed
  • 2 weeks before tuitions are due, families will receive email reminders.
  • Tuition checks are to be  made payable to “The Network” and sent to the Network’s Treasurer:
    Dan Smith
    2749 SE 70th St.
    Pleasant Hill, IA, 50327

            Classes dropped:

• before the 1st day of class: no tuition will be charged, no drop fee

• before Sept. 7th : $20 drop fee per class

• on or after Sept. 7th: pay for entire first quarter ($72.25)

• on or after Sept. 23rd: family pays for entire year ($289)