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HERI Membership Benefits

HERI Events

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Testing with HERI

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Q: How do I join HERI?

A:  Go to the main website page and click on REQUEST MEMBERSHIP.  Fill out all pages and make payment.  Your registration is not complete until payment is made.

Q: How do I join HERI with my support group?

A:  Contact your support group leader.  Group membership is $30/family

Q: How much does it cost to join HERI?

A: Individual HERI Membership - $35/family

Q: How long is my HERI membership good for?

A:  HERI membership runs from August 1, thru July 31.

Q: What is the deadline to join HERI?

A:  Registration for membership is accepted Aug. 1 - May 1 of the current year.

Q: When may I renew my membership?

A:  HERI usually offers early membership renewals at the annual expo in June.  Renewal and new memberships are then open online after the expo.  However, membership benefits will not begin until Aug 1 of the current year.

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Q: What are the benefits of joining HERI?

A:  Benefits are as follows:

  • Home Forum (e-newsletter)
  • eBlasts with up-to-date HERI information and local activities for home educators
  • Testing Privileges
  • Participation in HERI Graduation
  • Promotion Night Privileges
  • Eta Sigma Alpha Homeschool Honor Society Privileges
  • Discount HSLDA membership (email to request discount code)
  • Access to HERI Library - over 20,000 books (save $$ on curriculum)
  • BookBuster Benefits (greater return on items you sell
  • Discounts to all HERI sponsored events throughout the year, ex: Orientation 101, Homeschooling 101, etc.
  • Discounts at these local businesses;  



Q: How do I register for events?

A:  Go to the calendar and click on the first date of the event occurrence.  A new window will open with a clickable link to register.  You may also click on the event named tab on the main webpage to get more information regarding a particular event.

Q: What events does HERI offer?

A:  Presently HERI offers: BookBuster (used book sale), Graduation, Senior Events, and Group Testing.

Q: Why does HERI not have more activities for students to do?

A:  In order to have events we need leaders of events and people registering to participate.  Our volunteer base is small, while the homeschool community continues to grow.  We accept volunteers all during the year.



Q: If I am not a HERI member, may I still sell curriculum at the BookBuster?

A:  Yes. You will need to obtain a seller number from the coordinator.  The seller number allows us to track what materials were yours that were sold and making it possible for HERI to determine what seller to give the proceeds to and how much.

Q: When does the used book sale happen?

A:  The BookBuster is generally held in June or July.

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Q: Does HERI have annual testing:

A:  Yes, we do have annual testing.  We test as a group using the IOWA test.  In the past, we have had two locations for testing.  Each year we determine how many locations area needed based on the number of students registered.  Registering in a timely manner helps make those determinations.

Q: When does HERI do group testing?

A:  HERI generally does group testing in April.

Q: When will I know the results of my student's test?

A:  Test results a generally completed scoring and ready for pick-up in June.

Q: What if I do not want my student to group test, what are my options?

A:  HERI only offers group testing.  We do have a list of vetted teachers on our website that you may contact for individual testing.  HERI Membership > Member Benefits > Benefit - Teacher Referral List (HERI member only access)

Q.  Does the teacher signing the evaluation form have to be a Florida Certified teacher?

 A.  Yes

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Q: Does HERI have curriculum that I can use?

A:  Yes, HERI has a borrowing library that contains curriculum for the student and teacher manuals.  Writing inside the borrowed materials is prohibited.

Q: Who is allowed to use the library?

A:  The library is for HERI members only.

Q: How long can I use the materials?

A:  The library opens in August and closes for the summer in May.  Materials are due back by closing in May. A member may use materials from August to May.  Curriculum may be check-out for the duration of the August-May timeframe.  Other materials have a 3 month check-out time.

Q: What kind of materials does the library carry?

A:  The library carries many publishers.  All cannot be listed here, but samples are listed below:

   Beautiful Feet
   Bob Jones
   Charlotte Mason
   Christian Liberty Press
   Common Sense Press
   Dinah Zike Unit Study
   Fallacy Detective
   Foreign Languages
   Historical Readers
   Institute for Writing Excellence (IEW)
   Konos Unit Study
   Learning Language Arts  Through Literature
   Manipulatives & DVDs
   Memoria Press
   My Fathers World
   Science real books
   The d'Aulaires' Children's Books
   Total Language Plus
   Uncle Eric Books by Maybury


 Q: Does HERI have science equipment?

 A:  Yes, HERI does have science equipment available for check-out.  If you are interested in borrowing items, please ask the librarian on duty.

 Q: Where do the materials in the library come from?

 A:  HERI has accumulated materials in the library by donations.  Materials are donated year round.  Our largest donations come into the library after the used book sale in the summer.

Q: Why does HERI not have longer library hours?

A:  The HERI borrowing library is run by volunteers who are homeschoolers.  The library is open based on the number of volunteers we have and the hours they are willing to work.

Q:  Is there someone at the library who can answer questions regarding homeschooling and how to get started?

A:   All of our library volunteers are homeschoolers.  They have volunteered to work in the library in order to assist homeschoolers.  Whether to help you find curriculum or to answer questions about homeschooling, our volunteers are there to help you.  If they do not have the answer to your question, they will find someone to contact you who can help.

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Q: Why is the library located where it is?

A:  Jacksonville 

Q: Will the office location ever move to be more centrally located?

A:  If a location is not available and does not meet budget cost, no.  HERI does accept donations.  If a building was donated for our use, or funds were given regularly to cover the cost of a new building, it would be more possible.

Q: Why are HERI events not held at a more central location so everyone can travel the same distance?

A:  Events are held at locations based on the availability of the building, the cost, and the willingness of owners to allow the use of it.  Some event locations are based on the leader coordinating the event.  The leader may choose to have the event closer to their residing area of town.

Q: Will HERI open another branch of a library?

A:  The location we presently have is run by volunteers.  To open another branch we would have to have a donated facility that would be virtually free to use; more volunteers to run it and donated curriculum for borrowing.



Q: Why doesn’t HERI list new support groups in the area?

A:  If HERI is not informed of a support group, co-op, umbrella school, etc. we do not know about it to list it.  We rely on the homeschool community to help us find and disseminate information.

      Additionally, HERI runs on membership fees and donations.  If a group is not a member of HERI contributing to the funding of HERI they will not be listed.

Q: Why does HERI not have support for group leaders?

A:  In the past, HERI has held leader conferences and quarterly leader meetings.  With an increase in interest, we will reinstate these events.



Q: Why doesn’t HERI do better advertising for events?

A:  In order to keep cost down for our membership base, outside advertising is done by HERI on free forums.  To advertise in a newspaper would cost HERI money.  We rely on word of mouth from members and non-members.

      Advertising to our membership base is done through the website, facebook, weekly eBlasts, a bi-monthly newsletter (Home Forum), we send updates to group leaders, and we inform by email.  If you are a member and are not receiving emails from HERI it may be that you have not created a profile on our website.  That profile gives us your contact information.  You may also need to check your spam folder to see if HERI mail is going there.

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Q: Does HERI give up-to-date information on the law regarding homeschooling?

A:  HERI addresses legal updates by advertising HSLDA and FLHEF on our website and we publish links to Florida law on homeschooling.

      HERI also invites HSLDA and Brenda Dickenson to the annual convention to give updates during the convention.

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Q: Does HERI have something to help new homeschoolers in getting started?

A:  Every year HERI hosts the home education expo.  At the expo, we try to include getting started seminars and workshops.

In January, HERI hosts a getting started workshop for homeschoolers.  Anyone is welcome to attend.

The HERI library is operated by volunteer homeschoolers.  During open hours you may go to the library for assistance in looking through curriculum and get answers to your questions.  You do not have to be a member to look in our library.

You may also send any questions that you have to our email address at HERIjax@yahoo.com.  A veteran homeschooler will contact you to assist you.  You do not have to be a member to receive help.

Q.  What do I need to do start homeschooling my child?

A.  First, you should register your child either with your local county or with an umbrella school.  See the links under About Us for the Home Education Law.

Q.  Which curriculum do I use?

A.  As a homeschooler, you have the freedom to use the curriculum of your choice.  There are many resources available to you for selecting curriculum.  See the links available under the 'Links' menu item.  Also, don't forget about using the H.E.R.I. library as well as your public library.  

Q.  Does the teacher signing the evaluation form have to be a Florida Certified teacher?

A.  Yes

If you have questions that have not been addressed here, please send your
questions or comments to HERIjax@yahoo.com


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