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H.E.R.I. is a volunteer organization serving homeschoolers in the northeast Florida region. Essentially, we are a support group of other smaller support groups, home-based private schools and individuals, and as such offer unlimited opportunities for serving and encouraging one another.

Home Education Resources and Information, better known as H.E.R.I. (hurry) was established in 1985 to provide support and communication between homeschoolers. Soon after the homeschool law was enacted H.E.R.I. provided support to home schoolers registering with the superintendent’s office, as well as those registering with 600 schools (non-traditional private schools).

H.E.R.I. began with the HOME FORUM, its newsletter, which provided a vehicle for communication between homeschoolers. Other services were added as volunteers surfaced and needs became evident.

H.E.R.I. is a non-profit corporation organized for all homeschoolers. H.E.R.I. is NOT a school, or in any way a legal covering for homeschoolers. Information is provided, but homeschooling parents bear the ultimate responsibility for establishing their homeschool programs within the boundaries of the law. All parents considering homeschooling should thoroughly research and read all guidelines and laws before beginning.


To promote relationships within the home education community by providing resources and services.  


H.E.R.I. is a non-profit corporation organized for educational purposes to assist home educators and to promote the  welfare of children in home, school and community.  H.E.R.I. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion or national or ethnic origin.

We are volunteer organization that operates under Christian principles and we reserve the right to pray before, during, and after any and all activities/meetings, in the name of Jesus Christ.