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HERI Membership - What's Included?

 You may join HERI either individually or with a group.  If you are joining with a group, you may continue through the request membership process.  You will have the option to list your group and pay for your membership at the PayPal button.  If you do not wish to pay through PayPal, please leave a note that you are mailing in your check, and you can mail that to:  HERI, P.O. Box 26758, Jacksonville, FL  32226.

Individual HERI Membership - $35/family
Group  HERI Membership - $30/family


If you would like to purchase a FPEA membership, once you have paid for and been approved on the HERI site, you can access the discount code and receive and FPEA discount of $10 from the annual fee.

For as little as $30/year you gain access to our library, science equipment and advice/information for no additional cost.  In addition your family has discounts on testing and graduation and seminars, info emails and more.

HERI membership benefits run from August 1 through July 31.


HERI Membership Benefits:

    •    Library 20,000+ curricula library; FREE book checkout

    •    BookBuster

            - largest used curriculum sale in northeast Florida

            - early shopping privileges

            - lower entry fee 

            - higher sales commission

    •    Annual ITBS Testing - discounted fee

    •    Senior Activities

            - graduation (save  $35)

    •    Seminar discounts: Home Education 101 & High School 

     •    emails local “What’s Happening” updates

    •    Evaluation & Tutor Referral List  vetted yearly 

    •    Website  keeps you up to date on HERI activities

    •    Facebook  upcoming HERI activities, advice, inspiration

    •    HERI Membership Card  discounts at local businesses

    •    Listing of local homeschool groups and co-ops

    •    Access to experienced home educators

    •    HSLDA Annual Membership ($15 discount with HSLDA for being a HERI member)

    •    FPEA Annual Membership ($10 discount with FPEA for being a HERI member)

    •    As a unified body, we can stand for our right to home educate

All this for as little as $30 per family annually
For $2.50/month your family receives all these benefits PLUS, if you take advantage of the great 
savings and discounts offered throughout the year, you will save more than the membership fee!


Membership registration is online  with a credit card/debit card, or send in payment to:

                                  HERI, P.O. Box 26758, Jacksonville, FL  32226

Membership Cards are printed BY MEMBERS - login to your account and click on "Membership Card" on the top navigation menu bar.

REFUND/CANCELATION POLICY- Memberships canceled within 3 business days will be refunded, minus the $2 surcharge for online transactions.  No cancelations after 3 business days will be accepted.

Joining H.E.R.I with a Group
HERI Group Membership - $30/family



New HERI Membership - Individual or Group

Renew HERI Membership - Individual or Group