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Co-ops / Support Groups

If you see any changes that need to made to your group information, please contact the website administrator by email: herijax@yahoo.com

Ambrose Christian Co-op- We meet Thursdays at Christ Church of Green Cove Springs and serve grades K-12th grade. Contact Jennifer Knight at (904) 291-2938 or email jenniferjknight@gmail.com for more information.

CJAX Homeschool Support Group - We are a ministry of The Church of Jacksonville. Our mission is to be a ministry to other homeschooling families, based on biblical principles and enhance their homeschooling experience through encouragement and support. You do not have to be a member to join. We meet monthly for field trips and last year we started doing Mom's Night Outs. Contact Rebecca Perkins at homeschool@thechurchgroup.com.

Classical Conversations combines the classical tools of learning and a Biblical Worldview in order to impact the world for God's glory. Offering three program levels, Classical Conversations encourages, equips and empowers parents and students along their entire journey of home education. The Foundations Program (4yr-6th grade) lays a firm foundation of memory work in history, geography, science, math, Latin and English Grammar. In addition to the memory work, students participate in public speaking, science projects and fine arts activities. The Essentials Program (4th-6th grade) is a complete study of language arts with grammar and writing as well as fun math games. The Challenge Program (7th-12th grade) offers students learning skills in grammar, exposition and composition, research, rhetoric, debate and logic within various subjects. As a college preparatory program with emphasis on research, writing and public speaking, students will be equipped to present and use their knowledge wisely. As a classical Christian community our mission is to know God and to make Him known. To find a North Florida Community near you visit www.classicalconversations.com and enter your zip code.

CrossPointe Co-op - Our primary mission of CrossPointe Co-op is to glorify God! Secondary to this, is providing excellent academic instruction to further enhance each child's skills to become confident individuals in fulfilling the purposes God has placed on his or her life. We support nursery age through the 12th grade and we meet weekly at Christian Family Chapel on Old St. Augustine Rd. For more information contact Jennifer Drawdy at drawdymd@comcast.net.  Webpage:  https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/crosspointecoop/


Culturally Connected Homeschool Co-op is a community of families meeting once a week from 8:30am until 1pm to allow our children to build long-lasting friendships while enjoying learning with peers. We currently have an annual Spelling Bee, Cultural Fair, and Science Fair. We offer classes from pre-school through 12th grade. We also have nursery available for our families. Classes are offered by utilizing our families talents and gifts.

Our goal is to uplift our children in an ever-changing society by providing enjoyable and educational enrichment classes. The classes will empower our children to become confident individuals and give a rounded perspective in the multi-ethnic world we live in today. We strive to create a unified community in which children of all ethnicities and beliefs will see themselves represented and celebrated in the stories they are exposed to and activities in which they participate in. At Culturally Connected we believe you have the power and strength to educate your own children. In co-op you will have the platform to not only educate your own children but to encourage other students and families in their journey. We are always looking to improve the experience of the children and families. We thrive on community, unity, belonging, no judgment and lots of love. Our hope is that you enjoy this experience at our co-op as much as we do. WE look forward to seeing your family join our family. Tameka Williams. Culturallyconnectedhomeschool@gmail.com ;

Website: https://culturally-connected.weebly.com/


Edison Kids Inc mission is to inspire and equip home educated students with Christian STEM resources and opportunities to help them on their educational journey and in their future careers. We offer STEM workshops, teams, science fair and field trips. We are based in North Jacksonville. To join please visit www.edisonkidsinc.com. Contact Lesley Rester for information at lesley@edisonkidsinc.com


Fellowship of Homeschool Companions (FHC) is a group of like-minded christian families who support each other in our homeschooling endeavor through co-op style classes that meet on the 1st three Thursdays of the month (September-April) and offer field trips and other group activities. We have approximately 20 families and children ages birth-6th grade. Check out our website for our policy handbook and statement of faith. Contact Christine Sasser at fhchomeschool@yahoo.com for further information. (Duval County; meet in the southside area). www.homeschool-life.com/fl/fhc


FireLight (previously River City Homeschool Adventures) is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational co-op that meets on Fridays in the Lakewood area of Jacksonville. We offer a fusion of educational and social opportunities. Born of a desire to give our kids a shared educational experiences that enrich their lives, FireLight offers some classes centered in Charlotte Mason's philosophy and methods as well as classes that pull from a variety of methodologies. Our classes include ACPNS (artist, composer, poet, and nature studies), PE, science, and a variety of classes limited only by what parents are willing to teach or pay to have taught. We meet 12 times each in the fall and winter. We offer park days, field trips, Mom’s Night Out, individual testing, discounted HERI and FPEA membership, and a Charlotte Mason book discussion group. We serve families with infants through high-school age children. FireLight requires approved membership application, a background check, a signed policy agreement that includes a statement of faith and parental participation. For more information, visit www.firelightjax.org or e-mail Christie at info@firelightjax.org.


First at Home (FAH) is unique in that it is a ministry of encouragement to the home schooling families of the First Baptist Church (FBC) of Jacksonville, Florida and comes under the authority of the First Baptist Church and its leaders. To be a member of FAH, and to participate in the activities, one must be a member of FBC. There is a yearly membership fee. FAH ministers to families with children of all ages by providing a variety of activities, including: a play day at our church camp facilities at Hilliard, a History Fair, Thanksgiving Feast, Mothers retreat, Science Fair, Spelling Bee, field trips, and a talent show. We also have a newsletter and monthly support group meetings. Best of all, we encourage one another through an e-mail loop by praying for one another and meeting special needs as they come up. We also provide a beautifully designed yearbook for our children at the end of the year, testing by certified teachers, and a top-notch high school and kindergarten graduation. For more info contact Kim Ebbers at thelordismyrock@me.com


Florida Parent Educators Association FPEA Call 1-877-ASK-FPEA or www.fpea.com for more information.


Imago Dei Homeschool Co-op are families comprised from a diverse group of Born-Again Christian believers. Choosing to work and socialize together, creating a wonderful, caring environment for our children. By utilizing each of our family's individual talents and gifts, we are able to impart Biblical christian fellowship. Our goal is to give homeschool students an opportunity to enjoy an educational, exciting, fun, field trip once a month. There will also be many more activities once involved. This also gives the parents an opportunity to fellowship with other parents and children as well. If you are looking for a safe and God centered environment to assist you in your children's home schooling activites, kindly consider Imago Dei Homeschool Co-o Area served: 32210 Contact: Vanessa Rimmer (904) 415-0898 https://www.facebook.com/ImagoDeiHomeschool/


Intracoastal Adventurers - Intracoastal Adventures (IA) is a Christian homeschool support group in the Beaches and East Arlington areas. IA works to create an enriching learning environment through educational and social opportunities. We offer opportunities such as weekly park days, field trips, art and sport enrichment, holiday gatherings, service projects, an end of year ceremony and more. Current membership includes kindergarten through middle school ages. Visit our webpage, https://www.homeschool-life.com/fl/iajax/ for additional group information.


Jacksonville Homeschoolers United - Jacksonville Homeschoolers United exists to unite the homeschool community in Northeast Florida. Events are planned for the purpose of bringing together the homeschool families and groups at large to show our children that they are a part of an ever growing community of at home learners. Family Fitness Fridays classes will be held at Balis Community Center in San Marco on the 1st and 3rd Fridays from August 2017 - May 2018. Field Trip Fridays will be the 2nd Friday of each month from August 2017 - May 2018. More events are being planned. Send a request to Jacksonville Homeschoolers United on Facebook to stay informed of upcoming events. Feel free to send an email to anchettasutton@gmail.com with any questions.

JaxCHAMPs Homeschool Support Group - Christian Homeschoolers Achieving Maximum Potential. We meet weekly at Dinsmore Community center with enrichment for our kids (science, art, etc.) and enjoy a potluck lunch. A monthly community project helps our children to remember to give back. We enjoy themed parties, educational fairs, monthly field trips, and monthly birthday celebrations. If interested, contact: Angy Schuetz at jamai_us@yahoo.com .


Journey Homeschool Co-op- We meet Thursdays at All Soul's Anglican Church on Hartley Rd, and serve grades 7th-12th grade. Contact Cindy Nelson at (904) 271-9460 or email nelsoneagle1@comcast.net for more information.

LIFE HomeEducators - L.I.F.E. Home Educators is an all-inclusive home school support group. All ages and religions are welcome including families with no religious preference. We recognize the talents, ideas, and various oddities in every family. Our group offers clubs and activities for all ages and grades from elementary through high school.

We primarily meet in the Arlington/Southside area of Jacksonville but venture from that area occasionally for field trips. We are a very active group with a strong emphasis on educating our children in a fun, loving environment. We have field trips, play dates, clubs, movie days, holiday parties, volunteer opportunities, and more. Contact: Jennifer Dawson 904-333-7186 904-333-7186, OR LIFEhomeEducators@yahoo.com

Light of Christ Home Educators (L.O.C.H.E.) - is a Catholic support group organizing MNO, field trips and meeting for special mass days, children's adoration and assiting with curricula guidance for home educating families of the San Juan del Rio parish and surrounding area. Please contact Linda Doran at LdesignZ4@me.com for additional information.

Mandarin Christian Homeschoolers is a large, faith-based group of families, meeting predominately in the Mandarin area. Our General Membership is open to all homeschoolers and includes full access to our website as well as participation in fieldtrips, park days, social activities, service projects and Mom's Night Out events. The children in our group range in age from infant to teenager. MCH also sponsors a Friday Co-op with a separate and limited membership. Co-op membership is closed at this time, but General Membership is always open. Please e-mail Holly at info@mchjax.com for more information, or visit our website www.mchjax.com.

Nassau County Home Educators is Nassau County’s largest and longest running support group. We are a Christian homeschool support group and welcome everyone. We have weekly gatherings, two co-ops, a moms support network, an extensive library, field trips, prom, graduation, and so much more! Please visit us at www.homeschool-life.com/fl/nche or email itsabeautifullawn@comcast.net.


Pinewood Homeschool Ministry - is a ministry of Pinewood Presbyterian Church to support homeschooling parents and their children. Support group meetings for parents are held monthly on the 3rd Thurs. of the month at 7p.m. at Pinewood Presbyterian Church. Field trips and gatherings are organized by members as desired. You do not need to be a member of Pinewood Presbyterian to join. Contact: Megan O'Neill pinewood_homeschool@googlegroups.com.


S.P.I.C.E. (Supporting Parents In Children's Education) Support Group - K-high school; monthly field trips throughout Northeast Florida-all ages; monthly Kid's Day; meetings held at churches/community center/parks on the Westside, Southside and Downtown areas on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month (unless there is a scheduled field trip); sport; art; socialization; planning meeting- late July or early August; support for working moms who may not be able to attend all meetings; all activities not mandatory, but communication from members expected. Fees: $15 per family.  Includes SPICE membership, talent show; science and/or geography fair and end of year promotion/graduation. Join us and add "S.P.I.C.E." to your life!! Contact Lora Burroughs - President/Secretary, 260-7813, Loralb@comcast.net.


Two Wings Homeschool Support Group - Two Wings is a relaxed and informal volunteer group. The group is dedicated first and foremost to quality education for children in a family environment, regardless of race, sex, financial/social status, cultural background or religion. Our purpose is to provide loving encouragement, support and information to any family from any background (new and veteran homeschoolers). Two Wings serves Nassau County. Membership benefits include field trips, group activities, newsletters and weekly park days. Please contact Dana at 904-277-1841 or email twowingshsg@comcast.net

If you would like to join HERI as a group, the group information will then be listed here and in the Home Forum. To join as group the group leader must contact us HERIjax@yahoo.com.