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Homeschool Classes

If you see any information that needs to be update to your groups information, please contact the website administrator at:  HERIjax@yahoo.com


ACTSJAX - ACTS will assist you in the process of parent-directed education. We use a university class schedule for courses. Students attend teacher led classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then study at home under a parent's oversight on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. Blending the best of home school with the best of classroom instruction. As a Christian organization, we offer well-trained Christian teachers, and incorporate Christian worldview in our academic classes. Dedicated parents at home, passionate teachers at school, and excellent curriculum create an environment where students thrive and develop a passion for learning, both academically and spiritually.  In a desire to provide a well rounded overview for students, we partner with Jacksonville Academy of Music, Sewing Seeds, and Seams, Young Learning, and Integrity Christian School.  Please contact Deborah Weita for information about upcoming classes. deborahweita@gmail.com.


BLUE PEARL ACADEMY - We follow the Florida Home School Law and teach our curriculum, do monthly report cards, teach the student in a private, one to one fashion live, online via Skype, and have very interesting college based and work force based electives to choose from. We also have a certified teacher who does our student's portfolio evaluations and also give a diploma for students to have. Prof. Kai J. Kafferly-Price, MEd., Program Director & Educator, 253-780-9359, www.AslanHighSchool.com 


Classical Conversations - Eastside - Our program implements the classical approach to education through our weekly classes.  This Christian program is open for K4 through high school students with a nursery provided for younger siblings.  Contact Sharlyn Eddy at seddycc@comcast.net or visitwww.classicalconversations.com


Classical Conversation - Mandarin -  Director- Tracie Page, tpageCC@gmail.com or www.classicalconversations.com


Classical Conversations - Fleming Island  - Combines the classical tools of learning and a Biblical Worldview in order to impact the world for God's glory.  Offering three program levels, Classical Conversations encourages and empowers parents and students along the entire journey of home education.  The Foundations Program (4yr-6th grade) lays a firm foundation of memory work in history, geography, science, math, Latin, and English Grammar.  Weekly fine arts instruction and hands-on science experiments are also included.  The Essentials Program (4th-6th grade) is an intensive study of language arts through games, drills, and activities.  In the Challenge Program (7th-12th grade), students study latin, math, science, classic literature, debate, and other subjects.  This is a college preparatory program with emphasis on research, writing, and public speaking in order to equip students to present and use information wisely.  We meet on Tuesdays at Hibernia Baptist Church in Fleming Island.  For more information please contact us at smithfamily-777@comcast.net or shawne70@msn.com.


Providence Extension Program (PEP) -PEP's mission is to enable parents to provide a home-based, Christ-centered, academically challenging secondary education.  We desire to fulfill the Great Commission by discipling a new generation of students to have a passion for glorifying God through their ability to think as freemen, to reason Biblically, and to discern and communicate Truth to all areas of society.  We do this by providing college preparatory classes for homeschooled students two days a week, taught by qualified, godly teachers who lay out the coursework for the other days of the week.  Our main distinctive is our cluster of Humanities Core Classes.  These classes are offered only as an integrated cluster of classes and are composed of one History, one Composition & Literature, and one Western Thought (or Biblical worldview) course.  These classes are the backbone of our program and are how we partner with you to begin teaching your student how to apply Truth (God's Word) to all areas of life.  Most other academic classes are offered and may be taken a la carte.

Feel free to peruse our website (www.pep1.org) or to contact Amy Clay directly (pepjacksonville@gmail.com) for further information