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2019 HERI Year End Tesing Information 


Lakewood United Methodist, 6133 San Jose Blvd.  MAP

Southside Dates:

Monday, April  29th - 1st through 8th grade
Tuesday, April 30th – 1st through 12th grade

Check-In opens at 8:30am. Testing will begin promptly at 9am both days.  Please be on location no later than 8:45.

1st-8th graders will test both days.
9th-12th graders will test on Tuesday, only.


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H.E.R.I. uses the Iowa Assessments Test

*Age at time of group testing must be at least 6 years old as of September 1, 2018

HERI uses Florida Certified Teachers to administer testing and evaluations.
For portfolio evaluations, please refer to our Teacher Referral List located under Testing in the main menu
 (available to HERI members only).



·         Early Registration- Now- January 20th- Cost $55/student NON REFUNDABLE
·         Normal Registration - January 21st thru March 31st - Cost: $70/student NON REFUNDABLE
·         Late Registration – April 1st thru April 10th - Cost: $85/student NON REFUNDABLE

·         Non-Member Early Registration-Now- January 20th- cost $70/student NON REFUNDABLE
·         Non-Member Normal Registration- January 21st thru March 31st - cost $85/student NON REFUNDABLE
·         Late Non member Registration April 1st thru April 10th - Cost: $100/student NON REFUNDABLE

Here are a few last minute tips and reminder.

Students should be well rested the week before testing; especially the night before.  A tired student will have difficulty focusing and/or handling the demands of a test.

Give your student a well-rounded breakfast. Evidence suggests that eating a healthy breakfast really does make the mind alert and active, which will help the student to do their best during testing.  HERI does NOT provide snacks and drinks. Please send them with your children as they will be given a snack time. Snacks, drinks, or gum are no permitted in the classrooms.

On the drive to the testing site, encourage your student.  If they feel good about themselves, they will do their best.  Pray for peace.  Students who are afraid of failing are more likely to become anxious and more likely to fail.  Be relaxed.  If you are at peace, so will the student.  Remind your student that a blank answer is a wrong answer and they should use the process of elimination to attempt to answer the questions.

Please arrive on time.  Testing begins at promptly at 9:00am.  It is best to arrive at 8:45, so the student can relax and not feel rushed.  If for any reason you arrive late to testing, your student will need to wait for the next sub-test to begin.  Please see the information table when you arrive.  It will be the responsibility of the parent to contract with a teacher to have the missed sub-test rescheduled; which requires additional fees.

Please provide a sweater or jacket for the student so they can stay comfortable during testing.  Also provide a book for the student to read if they finish early.  HERI allows the full time allotted for sub-tests and each student will need to stay in the classroom and wait quietly until the test is done.

All phones are to be turned off while a student is in the classroom.  If a student’s cell phone rings, beeps, is used, or held, the student will be asked to leave the classroom and forfeit the remainder of their subtest.  All electronic handheld games, e-readers, and calculators are not allowed in the classroom.

When you arrive at the testing site, please locate the grade lists (on the wall) and confirm your student’s information.  Next, locate the flag of your student’s grade and wait for announcements and their teacher.  There will be an information table in the “Family Waiting Area” for questions and concerns.  Please advise a volunteer at the information desk, if you are not able to stay and leave a contact number.   Parents of 1st and 2nd grades are asked to stay on site in the event a child or teacher needs them.

Please do not call church offices.  Their staff does not have group testing information.

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Email:  herijax@yahoo.com for more information.