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Non-Traditional Private Schools

If you have updates to your group information please contact the website administrator at: HERIjax@yahoo.com


Eunice Christian School is an independent private school focusing on home-based education.  Within Eunice, the parents are responsible for the child's education - the school provides the structure and framework for recordkeeping and serves as an accountability partner for the homeschooling family.  The major emphasis of the school is developing the student portfolio - a record of the child's educational progress.  We provide guidance and instruction for developing this portfolio as well as quarterly reviews by certified instructors.

We currently have K-12th grades enrolled in our school.  We specialize in documenting high school credits, transcript preparation, assistance in Bright Futures, Florida Virtual School, dual enrollment at FCCJ and UNF, Graduation and Recognition Night, opportunities for field trips and other activities, and instructional training sessions.  Please consider partnering with Eunice Christian School in your child'd education.

Eunice Christian Private School of Duval County
PO Box 26157
Jacksonville, FL  32226
Phone #   (904)351-6610  (904)351-6610
Website: www.eunicechristianprivateschool.com
email: eunicechristianprivateschool@yahoo.com


Hope Academy of NE Florida, Inc.  We are a Florida Not-For-Profit Private School. We are open to students K-12 that have a variety of disabilities that include, but are not limited to, mentally handicapped, speech and language impaired, hearing or visually impaired, dual sensory impaired, physically impaired, emotionally handicapped, specific learning disabled, cerebral palsy, down-syndrome, and autism. Our school offers class sizes at 1:1 or 1:4 teacher:student ratio. Hours and days are individualized, along with curriculum, to allow each child to reach their full potential. Many of our students, have siblings, who are homeschooled under our umbrella covering.  For private school tuition, we accept the McKay scholarship.

Additionally, we offer the private school umbrella covering for homeschoolers. Under our homeschool umbrella, we provide quarterly report cards, high school transcripts, and diploma (once graduation requirements are met).  The family is responsible for the child's education, required recordkeeping, and monthly attendance reports.  We have monthly field trips, school parties, etc.  For a small fee, homeschoolers can join in our weekly resource classes (such as yoga, music therapy, multi-cultural art, etc).  

Hope Academy of NE Florida, Inc.
4231 Walnut Bend Ste 200
Jacksonville, FL  32257
Website: http://www.hopeacademyofneflorida.org


Pablo Academy Private School System is a 623 non-traditional private school.  We cover homeschool students grades K-12th.  We provide a high school transcripts and diploma for our students once graduation requirements are met.  Parents are responsible for the child's education, state and school required recordkeeping, and monthly meeting attendance.  We help serve as an accountability partner for the homeschooling family.  In addition, we offer field trips, yearbooks, teen activities, and more.  For more information, contact us at info@pabloacademy.org or call (904) 412-3362

Pablo Academy Private School

P.O Box 35009

Jacksonville, FL 32235


Proverbs Christian School is a 617 private school and support group that meets at Christian Life Church on the Westside of Jacksonville.  We currently have children ranging in age from toddlers up to 17.  We have a 4-H group that meets once monthly for classes on the first Friday morning of every month.  This year the students are participating in Wildlife, Marine Science, Woodworking, or Theatre Arts.  There are Cloverbuds for children ages 4-7.  We also have a nursery class for those under age 4.  We have either a play day or field trip once monthly and have some great trips already lined up for this year.  We require one parent attend a planning meeting once per month.  We also have a Mom's Night Out once per month and a Mom's Retreat weekend once per year.  In you would like more information on our group please call Lori Lee at 425-1945 or send and e-mail to hsmomof6@comcast.net.


TriStrands Academy is a home-based private school that provides support for all home schooling families.  TriStrands Administration takes care of the record keeping and paper work.  We maintain High School Records in order to provide a transcript and diploma. The Administration provides curriculum guidance for students with special needs, including training in Multi-Sensory teaching.

Included in Tuition is:

  • Curriculum guidance for students with special needs, including training in Multi-Sensory teaching
  • Curriculum guidance and support for gifted students
  • Quarterly portfolio reviews
  • End of the year testing
  • HERI and FPEA membership
  • Maintenance of all records
  • Assistance with Duke Talented and Gifted Programs
  • Articulation with FSCJ for Dual Enrollment
  • Affliiated with FLVS

For more information please visit our website at www.tristrandsacademy.org or call us at 904-217-8460.