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Membership Benefit - THE Curriculum LIBRARY!


The HERI Library is located at:  
1322 Eastport Road, Jacksonville, FL 32218

Library Hours:
August – September       Mondays & Thursdays        1pm - 3pm

October – May                 Mondays & Thursdays        1pm - 3pm

Check the HERI calendar to ensure the library is open 
as it is volunteer run.  It is not open on holidays.  


During the library hours of operation, our volunteer librarians (who are also homeschoolers) are available to assist you with any homeschooling, testing, or curriculum questions you may have.  If you have a need that does not fit the normal library hours please email HERIjax@yahoo.com. 


Anyone may come and browse around the library to view the material we loan; however, 

Members only may borrow:

Your HERI membership card will be required for proof of your current annual HERI membership.

To print your membership card, log into your HERI account --About Us-- HERI Members --Membership Card.



  • Curriculum – we have curriculum for all grades
  • Reading books
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Games and Manipulatives
  • Selected Science Equipment maybe used in the library only                                   


The HERI library offers, for your check-out, a variety of curriculum, homeschool helps, reading materials and manipulatives.  These materials may be checked-out upon membership registration.  

The HERI library has a microscope which is available for use in the library.  

The curriculum may be checked out from AUGUST to MAY for the entire period without renewal.  Other materials have a 3 month check-out time during the August to May time period and must be renewed if needed longer.


                                                  For Library Hours click here!