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2016 Graduation Ceremony Comments

Linda D 

WOW! Absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L personalized graduation ceremony!!!
Congratulations graduates and many many thanks to all those who helped make this such a wonderful event for the HERI families. 


Michelle G

Thank you for all you did! It was an excellent ceremony.


Shari S

Great job tireless team!! It was beautiful!!!


Jennifer M

team of volunteers did a spectacular job! Thank you for loving on those kids and putting on a wonderful program!


Whitney H

Thank you for the wonderful graduation yesterday! You all did an amazing job and made it such a special day for our graduates!


Trina S
Thank You everyone who help with graduation. It was awesome!


Regina S. C

A VERY special THANK YOU to the entire HERI volunteer team for putting together an amazing ceremony for the Class of 2016 yesterday!! Everything was simply wonderful!! Yesterday will be a day that our son will remember for the rest of his life. Thank you all again for helping us to make one of the most special days in his life so memorable. Blessings to all of you for a job well done!!!!


Steph'nMarsha S

Thank you for pulling off such a huge event and making our kids SHINE! The many that came to see our kids who were not familiar with homeschooling were quite taken aback that 1. There were so many and 2. It was well supported and done professionally. Fantastic job!


Beneita F

Thank you! It was so beautiful and very very special! I have been to a few graduations and this one by our great HERI has went over the top! How special for our kids! And honoring God will always be rewarded with such amazing blessings!