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Graduation Communication - What HERI NEEDS FROM YOU

Information regarding the HERI graduation ceremony

Date: May 18, 2019

Place: Evangel Temple

Address: 5755 Ramona Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32205

Time: Graduates should be there at 9:00 am sharp

Lunch will be served at noon

Ceremony begins: 2:00 pm (last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours)

Doors open at 1:00 pm for guest

Graduates should wear business casual clothes upon arrival at 9:00 am (keep in mind modesty). Please remember to bring your cap and gown separately. We will practice and the graduates will be provided lunch between practice and the actual ceremony at 2:00 pm. Parents please plan to drop off your graduate or have them drive themselves. We do not want the parents to stay unless they are volunteering.

There is not a limit on the number of guest you can invite.  


·         Graduation Fee (includes cap, gown, tassel and diploma cover):  $100
·         Non HERI member additional fee:  $30
·         Late registration between (01/01 -01/31):  add $30
·         Late registration between (02/01-03/01):  add $50
·         Volunteer Buy (opt) out:  add $30
·         Plus size gown:  $5



·         Extra Tassels:  $3
·         Gold Cord:  $5
·         Honor Stole $10


HERI is a volunteer organization.  All graduates / graduate families are required to volunteer with HERI to participate OR "buy out" this obligation for $30.  Volunteer options include library, prom, high school activities or graduation.

If you choose to volunteer and have not fulfilled your obligation by April 30, HERI will invoice you for the $30 that is due by May 3. If unpaid, the graduate will not walk.

ALL PARENTS ARE REQUIRED TO WORK ON A GRADUATION COMMITTEE for your student, the success of their senior year and ceremony.  THE COMMITTEES ARE:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Cap and gown distribution
  • Decorating for ceremony
  • Rehearsal lunch
  • Senior Activities


Below are links to these forms:

STEP 1:  Registration (On-Line Form and Payment)

Click on the above link to complete and submit this form.  Graduate is not registered until this form has been submitted AND payment has been received.  If you are mailing a check, you will need to give yourself additional time.  Last day to submit a form and payment is 03/01/2019.  Registration will be closed after that. 

STEP 2Graduate Photo and Biography Release

Due upon registration.

Click the link to print this form. Once printed, complete the data needed on the form and submit this form with a signature.

To submit the form, please scan (phone app: Turbo scan) or take a clear photo of the “Graduate Photo and Biography Release” and attach it to an email. If we cannot read the form, it will be returned.  Please email the form to HERIgraduation@gmail.com and cc: herijax@yahoo.com.

It is critical that we have this release in order for your student's photos and bios to be in our program. If we have not received this information by 3/31/2019, our programs will be sent to print without your student's information.

STEP 3:  Graduate's Introduction by Parents

Due 03/31/2019.  Click on the above link to complete and submit this form. 

It is critical that form is completed by 03/31/2019, as it will be part of the ceremony slide show.  As your student's photo slide show is playing, the parent's introduction will be read.  If we have not received this information by 3/31/2019, our slide show will be sent for creation without your student's introduction.

STEP 4:  Graduates' Words (for program)

Due 03/31/2019.  Click on the above link to complete and submit this form. 

It is critical that form is completed by 03/31/2019, as it will be printed in our program.  If we have not received this information by 3/31/2019, program will be send to print without your student's information.

STEP 5: Photos needed for the ceremony slide show.  (These should be emailed to us as per the directives below).

During the ceremony we will display pictures of your graduate that you provide for us. The photos are a timeline of your child’s life. You may include up to six photos. Below is a recommendation of the timeline:

  • Photo 1: Baby or young child photo
  • Photos 2&3: Two early years photos (up to grade 8)
  • Photos 4&5: Two teen years photos (hobbies, mission trips, sports, etc. of high school years)
  • Photo 6: Senior Picture

When submitting your photos, label them with the graduate's last name, first name and in the order you want them to run (01 will be the beginning and 06 will be the end) when displayed on the IMAX. Please submit modest photos!  We reserve the right to crop photos.


Robinson Karen 01

Robinson Karen 02

Robinson Karen 03

Robinson Karen 04

Robinson Karen 05

Robinson Karen 06

Please send all photos in .jpg format and of an appropriate resolution to be viewed on a large screen.

Email to HERIgraduation@gmail.com (and cc: herijax@yahoo.com) with your graduate’s name in the subject line (Graduation  last name first name), attaching photos to the email containing the introduction paragraph.

The pictures for the graduation’s ceremony slide show, the Graduate’s Introductions and Graduate’s Words are due 3/31. There is a lot of work on the back end getting the slide show and program printed.  If we do not have this information by the date requested, we will send the slide show and program to be created / printed without your graduate's infomation.  

Cap and Gown pick up is April at the HERI Library

1322 Eastport Rd., Jacksonville FL 32218 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

If HERI needs additional information or confirmation, we will reach out to you via the email and phone number you entered on the registration form. Please respond to our request within two days to ensure HERI has the data needed to include your student in the graduation ceremony and program.

All questions can be submitted to HERIgraduation@gmail.com or HERIjax@yahoo.com