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2018 HERI Homeschool Graduation Graduate’s Introduction and Photo Information


Due April 1

Dear Parents:

The HERI graduation ceremony includes a full 20 seconds of fame for each graduate. Rather than just reading each graduate’s name, as s/he walks across the stage, we like to make it a little more personal by introducing each graduate to the audience. We have a live reader to introduce each graduate, but we lack the information needed to give your graduate a personal introduction, and that’s where you come in. We need a 75 word or less paragraph of information that introduces your graduate to the audience. While this is being read during the ceremony, photographs of your graduate will be shown on the big screen. It is up to you to provide these photos.

So what will you tell us about your graduate? Required information is your graduate’s full given name (that’s how you want him/her introduced), as well as the phonetic pronunciation if necessary. Everything else is pretty much up to you. You can tell us how long your graduate was homeschooled, activities s/he was involved in or enjoyed during the school years, awards achieved, future plans, etc. Your graduate will have a voice via their written submission for the printed program. For the introduction we want to hear from YOU — we know you are proud, tell us why.

Two things to keep in mind — your submission must be 75 words or less and it will be read by a third party. You are not speaking to your graduate, you are introducing your graduate TO the audience.

Please submit this information by April 1 to the email below, marking the subject line with “Graduate Information for (your graduate’s name).” Begin your paragraph with the graduate’s full name, including the phonetic pronunciation if necessary.

Along with your paragraph, include the following photos to be shown while the graduate is introduced:

Photo 1: Baby or young child photo

Photos 2&3: Two early years photos (up to grade 8)

Photos 4&5: Two teen years photos (hobbies, mission trips, sports, etc. of high school years)

Photo 6: Senior Picture

When submitting your photos, label them with the graduate's last name, first name and in the order you want them to run when displayed on the IMAX.


Robinson Karen 01

Robinson Karen 02

Robinson Karen 03


Please send all photos in .jpg format and of an appropriate resolution to be viewed on a large screen.

Email to HERIgraduation@gmail.com with your graduate’s name in the subject line, attaching photos to the email containing the introduction paragraph.

Due Date: April 1, 2018