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Convention 2019


34th Annual
2019 Home Education Convention

Florida Homeschooling

We are here to serve you!
Galatians 5:13...through love serve one another


Evangel Temple
5755 Ramona Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32205

Friday, July 19      10 am - 7 pm
Saturday, July 20      9 am - 4pm


If you are thinking of homeschooling, are new to homeschooling, or a veteran, then this event is for you! Come learn about local laws regarding homeschooling. Come be encouraged and inspired. Do you need help understanding Florida home school laws, year-end evaluations, high school transcripts and grading? Come to our expo and get your questions answered.  Duval County has more than 7,000 registered homeschool students.  Come meet some friends if you feel you need support or new friends in the home education community!


Our convention also serves all families! Yes, even those who do not homeschool. Are you looking for apologetic material, music education, college admissions, creation material, leaning to grow your own food, or Christian books for your family, church or community? If so, come join us!








  • Family = Spouses, Home Educated Children and Grandparents
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  • Payments must be made at the time of registration. No refunds on registration
  • Registrations are non-transferable
  • After July 14th, pay at door only

QUESTIONS?  Email HERIjax@yahoo.com


Workshops Being Offered


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Workshop Descriptions


Homeschooling 101 (How to Homeschool in Florida according to Florida's law)
Speaker: Lindley Rachal – Owner of R.O.C.K. Solid Home School Books

Are you brand new to homeschooling? Come and find out where to start and how to get there. Topics will include the law, curriculum choices, testing, groups, local events, as well as a question and answer session. Learn about private umbrella schools versus traditional homeschooling. Taught by Lindley Rachal. Owner of R.O.C.K. Solid Home School Books, a local homeschool curriculum provider.

Lindley Rachal and her husband, Nathan, have lived in Jacksonville for more than twenty-seven years. They are owners of R.O.C.K. Solid, a homeschool curriculum company which began in 1994. They successfully homeschooled their three children from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Two went on to college and one to the military. Lindley and her husband continue to be actively involved in the homeschool community through speaking on homeschool topics, sponsoring various homeschool workshops, and bringing curriculum to local homeschool book venues.


Homeschooling 101 in Spanish
¿Qué es “Educar en Casa” o “Homeschooling”?
Speaker: Bitia Leal

¿Yo? ¿Educar en casa? No estás solo. Muchos lo han pensado, y muchos lo estan haciendo exitosamente. Únase a nosotros para una reunión informativa que esperamos responder a sus preguntas con respecto a la educación en el hogar.


Piecing Together the High School Puzzle
Speaker: Joanne Mastronicola – Author of Piecing Together the High School Puzzle
Webpage: http://highschoolpuzzle.com

Join Joanne Mastronicola, to learn about Homeschooling Through High-School in Florida

  • Components of a Transcript
  • Calculating GPA
  • Honors vs. Standard vs. AP
  • Activity Resumes
  • Volunteer Work and Documentation
  • Course Descriptions and Documentation
  • Curriculum/Reading List and Documentation
  • Third Party Validation
  • Earning high-school credit in middle school
  • Dealing with classes I don't feel qualified to teach
  • Recommendation Letters-the process, who to ask
  • Working toward scholarships for college
  • My child would prefer a technical or vocational certification
  • Assurance that yes, you can do this on your own!

.Joanne Mastronicola homeschooled her three children for eighteen years. All three children successfully entered college with the benefit of several scholarships. In addition, Joanne has worked with a non-traditional private school in Jacksonville overseeing high school transcripts, and she provides individualized guidance counseling for homeschoolers and teaches classes frequently on homeschooling your high school student. She is the author of the very detailed book, Piecing Together the High School Puzzle. You’ll find more information at www.highschoolpuzzle.com.


My Kids Have To Be Tested? – Florida Law Requirements for Year End Evaluations
Speaker: Jan Koncar

Confused about which choice is right for your child when it comes to yearly evaluations? The Florida statute requires that an annual evaluation of a student's progress be submitted to the county superintendent's office where the student resides. We will look at and discuss the five options from which a parent may choose to comply with this requirement. Concerned as to what is needed in a student portfolio? Join us to see what to include to make yours a successful one!

Jan Koncar is a Florida-certified teacher in early childhood and elementary education and is currently the testing coordinator for HERI. She is a former teacher in both public and private schools, a former county office resource teacher for kindergarten through ninth grade, and a former homeschooling mom.

Jan and her husband, Bob, have two daughters: Katie, a graduate of LSU, and Olivia, a graduate of Centenary College of Louisiana.

Jan continues to be involved in the homeschool community as a home educator consultant, providing information and evaluation services, both standardized testing and portfolio reviews, to homeschooling families.


Explore Virtual Learning Solutions with Florida Virtual School (FLVS)
Speaker: Jimminda Thompson M.Ed. Leadership

FLVS gives homeschool families many choices. Our course options meet a wide range of student needs. We offer educational programs tailored precisely to your needs. FLVS will highlight the many courses available for home-school students at the elementary and secondary level. FLVS offers outstanding core, elective, foreign language and Advanced Placement classes.

After joining the Florida Virtual School Team, as a District Relations Manager, Jimminda continues to express her excitement about sharing the valuable choice of virtual education through FLVS. She currently serves Clay, Duval, St. Johns and Volusia Counties. Jimminda attended Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and continued to quench her thirst for learning by earning a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from American College of Education. She is married to Royce Thompson II and the mother of Kylah, Kennedy and Kicker Thompson.


How To Guide Your Child to Get a Full Scholarship
Speaker: Tanya Wang – FPEA Board Member

Essential tools and information to help your child find scholarship opportunities for college. Having helped her daughter obtain 95% of her education funding through Scholarships, merit aid, and grants, she is excited to share with other families how they too can help their child go to college almost debt-free.

Tanya is a homeschooling mother of three girls. She and her family have been homeschooling for thirteen years, and her oldest daughter attends college.  Having helped her daughter obtain 95% of her education funding through scholarships, merit aid, and grants, she is excited to share with other families how they too can help their child go to college almost debt free. 


Homeschooling Through High School and College
Speaker: Elicia DiPietro

As home educators we have chosen an educational path that best complements our families. Learn how to continue your education individuality and save time and money on a college degree. Join a mom (who has homeschooled for 17 years) and two of her sons as they share how while in high school and after graduation the sons earned college credit with Credit By Examination. Using this alternative, one son earned his bachelor's degree in two and a half years after high school graduation. The other son will complete his degree this summer. Come and find out how to complete one class, one semester of credit, or earn your entire degree from home.


The Family that S.T.E.M.s together stays together!
Speaker: Lesley Rester

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) can sound intimidating to a home educator. Bring your family and join my family in this workshop. You will see how it can be a fun, simple journey you take with your student that opens up a world of inspiration and innovation to them. We will do a hands-on STEM project together, with practical resource ideas and tips, that will demystify STEM learning and show you how it can be a wonderful tool in a home educators toolbelt!

Lesley Rester is a home educator and Maker STEM Mom to her three boys. Alongside her husband, they follow a hands-on STEM-focused education with their family that includes their mini-farm in Hilliard. Lesley has been providing STEM-focused resources for five years, has a blog STEM Training (www.stemtrainingresources.com) and is the president of Edison Kids, Inc.(www.edisonkidsinc.com), a home education group based in North Jacksonville. Her passion is to see home-educated students get the opportunities and tools to excel in all that God has called them to.


Florida Law Requirement for an Annual Homeschool Portfolio
Speaker: Kim Ebbers

Florida homeschooling law requires you to keep a portfolio and have it ready to possibly present it to your school board upon their request. Come learn about what is required to keep in your annual portfolio. Are lesson plans and samples of your child’s school work required to be in your portfolio? Come, look at portfolios from an experienced mom. Portfolios can also act as an annual year book for your family to look back on memories and see your child’s progress.


A Biblical Approach to Science
Speaker: Rich Overman

While the modern scientific method is useful in many ways, it does not have a scriptural foundation. This workshop demonstrates a biblical approach to science. The biblical scientific method starts with the Bible as the foundation upon which to engage in scientific inquiry.

Richard Overman, born in 1957, graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Memphis (formerly Memphis State University). Rich has more than thirty-two years of engineering experience. In 1992 he and Ginger accepted a call by God into a creation ministry. In 1994 this led to the formation of Creation Education Resources, where he is a researcher, lecturer, teacher, and president. He completed his Master’s in Science Education from the Institute for Creation Research in 1997 and his Master’s in Divinity from the Conservative Theological University in 2015. His is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Conservative Theological University. Rich has published articles in technical journals and magazines about engineering, creation science, and other topics.


Benefits of Freshly Made Flour
Speaker: Kim Ebbers

Kim began making homemade flour after hearing her mentor in the field, Sue Becker, speak about the health benefits of “real” whole wheat flour at a HERI homeschool convention in 2003. After 3 months of cooking with fresh flour, Kim and her family began to experience amazing health benefits such as complete relief of seasonal allergies, oral aphthous ulcers & constipation. They also noticed increased energy levels as well as decreased doctor visits. Come learn about the history of flour and the detrimental health effects of commercial milling. Different types of wheat berries & where to purchase them will be discussed, along with how you can easily make fresh, homemade flour. Also learn how you can easily adapt recipes to make delicious, nourishing food.

Kim is passionate about nutrition and feels that good sleep, regular exercise, and eating food as close to the way God created it are very important ways to help a homeschool family thrive. 

Earning a Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of South Alabama and a Master of Nursing degree from Louisiana State University, Kim worked as a registered nurse and as a primary care nurse practitioner until God called her to homeschool. She and Kurt have been married for twenty-one years and reside in Jacksonville, where they have homeschooled their three sons for the past seventeen years. Kim is the coordinator of First at Home, a local homeschool support group.






BJU Press Homeschool/HomeWorks by Precept


Creation Education Resources, Inc.


Edison Kids Inc


Florida Virtual School


FPEA – Florida Parent Educator Association


R.O.C.K. Solid Inc – Home School Books


STEM Training


Teaching Textbooks


Trinity Baptist College




Raffle Donors and Items


Berean Builders

Items donated for raffle:

Science in the Beginning (multilevel elementary)


Discovering Design with Chemistry (high-school chemistry)