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BookBuster 2020

BOOKBUSTER 2021 - 27th Annual Sale


TBD, 2021

8:30 am - noon

Hillcrest Baptist Church: 7673 Collins Road, Jacksonville, FL

Begins at 8:30 am for HERI MEMBERS

Your HERI membership card will be required for proof of your 2020-21 annual HERI membership.

To print your card, log into your HERI account à About Us à HERI Members à Membership Card.

Begins at 9:15 am for Non-HERI MEMBERS

COST - Please bring cash for door fee  

(This fee is collected at the door as a donation to the church for allowing us to use their facilities.)

$2 per adult HERI Member

(Membership ID Card required for proof of membership)

$3 per adult Non-HERI Member

Cash, debit and credit are acceptable forms of payment for items purchased.

Many of you know that HERI hosts one of the largest used home school curriculum sales in NE Florida each year. We are excited to announce our 27th annual sale.

Some of you are new to HERI and may not be aware of this wonderful sale. Massive amounts of wonderful curriculum can be purchased at minimal cost. There are many readers and reference books to be found. There is also a section dedicated to manipulatives and games. DVDs, CDs, software, audio books, teachers’ aids, themed unit studies and books for all ages including adults can also be found. Many of the novels required for specific curriculum are available for purchase. Pre-school curriculum through 12th grade is included!

This is a great way to save money and to browse through curriculum that you may be thinking of purchasing. This is also a great way to make money by selling your old curriculum and books.

This sale is not just for homeschool families. This event is open to the public as well! Anyone can come to the sale. If you are looking for classical novels, reading books for children, apologetic and creation science books for your family, this sale is for you. If you are a librarian at a church or school, this is a great place to get books.

If you have an interest in home schooling, you can come and browse curriculum available to the home education community.

It is highly recommended that you bring durable cloth bags / totes to carry the books you wish to purchase.  


Please do not hold onto items / books and then put them back as this is not fair to the seller.  If you carry the item around with you during the time of the sale, and then discard it last minute, the seller will lose out on selling it and making money.  If you are not sure if you want to purchase it, leave it for someone else to purchase to ensure it sells.  The sellers go to a lot of hard work to get their items ready for this sale.  

Due to the number of people that attend this event, for safety reasons, wheeled carts and/or strollers WILL NOT BE PERMITTED on the sales floor.  If you bring your children, all children will be required to stay with their parent.  

Books will be grouped in the following categories so they are easy to locate for our shoppers: 

Curriculum Tables:                Other Tables:

Pre-K & K                              Foreign Language

1st grade                                Games & Manipulatives

2nd grade                               Teaching Aids - Books on How to Homeschool

3rd grade                                Reading, Children – Note if part of Curriculum

4th grade                                Reading, Teen – Note if part of Curriculum

5th grade                                Adult Reading/Helps

6th grade                                Unit & Themed Studies

7th grade                                Computer / DVD / audio books / CD’s

8th grade                                History Nonfiction Reference Books

HS Math                                Science Nonfiction Reference Books

HS Science                            Music & Arts

HS History/Social Studies    Geography & Misc. Nonfiction Reference Books

HS English/Language           Bible

HS Electives                         Spelling or writing 

If you are interested in selling items in this year's sale, access the BookBuster 2021 Seller Guidelines page.  

If you are interested in working this event, access the BookBuster 2021 Volunteer page. 

If you would like more information regarding this event, send an email to herijax@yahoo.com.