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BookBuster Seller Guidelines for HERI's Used Curriculum Sale


Please read page in its entirety before you access My Sale Manager

Thank you for your interest in participating as a seller in our used curriculum sale. This sale benefits, you as the seller, and benefits the buyers. This sale allows many people to purchase low cost curriculum for the following school year and is a blessing to all who participate.

Last year, thousands of items were sold! Most of this money goes back to you, the seller, and a percent of the sales helps HERI pay for the venue, tables, supplies, and the organization's yearly expenses. 

This year, HERI will be using consignment software to sell your books. The name of this software is My Sale Manager. Because of this, each seller will need to go here to register as a seller and to enter your inventory.

Once you register on My Sale Manager as a consignor / seller, you will receive a system assigned seller number from their website which will be used in this sale and future sales. (Yes, you should be able to use the same number that you used last year.) 

The last day to register and enter inventory is TBD , 2021.

Please contact HERI BookBuster coordinators at herijax@yahoo.com should you have any questions.


Hillcrest Baptist Church: 7673 Collins Road, Jacksonville, FL

Friday, TBD, 2021 – Material drop off date. You will need to drop off your materials promptly between 11:30am and 2:00pm.

Saturday, TBD, 2021 – This is the sale date. No material will be accepted for sale on Saturday.

After the sale (on TBD), you need to return on Saturday afternoon between 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM to pick up your items that did not sell. Any items not picked up by 4:00 PM become the property of HERI. 


The HERI library exists to loan material to homeschool families. It houses thousands of items. It can be a wonderful blessing to families that cannot afford curriculum or families that want to save money or families that want to browse curriculum prior to purchasing it. 

If you would like to donate your items that do not sell to the HERI Library, please complete the BookBuster 2021 Donation Form

If you choose to pull out items to donate, you can drop them off at the HERI library at a later date and receive a donation letter for tax purposes.


Remember, this is your sale! While HERI will advertise via our email and Facebook page, you can reach many more people by including a link to our HERI BOOKBUSTER page on your social media (FB / Twitter / email). The more people that come, the more that potentially may buy. Please be sure to advertise with your co-ops, support groups and church friends. If you know anyone who may be interested in homeschooling next year, this is a great way for them to look at curriculum. Also, when advertising for YOUR sale, remember, there is much being sold that is not just for homeschoolers. Many readers and apologetic materials can be used by all families, schools and churches (Sunday School teacher and church libraries). Advertise, advertise, advertise. This is your sale!!!


Make sure you price competitively for your items to sell.

Think, if there are two exact books, the lesser priced items will sell first if in same condition. 

Please, NO horror or romance novels and no photocopied material.

Books should be in good condition.

IF selling magazines, they should be educational (creation, gardening, canning, farming, homesteading, bee-keeping, knitting, crocheting, woodworking, science). Also, put all magazines in plastic storage bags to prevent them from being damaged or wrap them with saran wrap. We also recommend selling them in sets. 

For uniformity in labeling, please mark all materials in the top right corner with the labels you print on my sale manager  

We suggest you also mark with a pencil the inside front cover of your books with the same info and remove any trace of previous owner’s seller id. (This helps us to identify the owner if the label comes off.)

Please keep your prices easy to calculate. Prices must be on the ‘$.50 to dollar’ mark - $.50, $1.00, $1.50, $15.00, $20.50 etc.

For your good…Please…. use labels that stick to the book. 

If your label comes off, we can not sell your material as we don’t know the price or who the book belongs to.

All incorrectly labeled books will be refused. 

HERI reserves the right to reject any questionable material.

ALL PRICING LABELS MUST BE PRINTED FROM MY SALE MANAGER as we will be using a barcode scanner to check out individual items. This will help alleviate check out errors. 

The only label sheets that work with My Sale Manager are the full sheet labels (Avery 8-1/2 X 11 size.  15265, 5265).  Ten labels will fit on one 8-1/2 x 11 size sheet.  

If you would prefer not to spend the money on purchasing label sheets, you can print the barcoded labels on regular 8-1/2 x 11 printer paper and use packing tape to apply the barcode to the item. If you use this process, do not put tape over the barcode.  Tape the edges of the label to the item.  


THE ONLY EXCEPTION FOR HAND WRITTEN LABELS IS FOR BUNDLES. The top item of a bundle should have the label with the barcode in the top right corners as this will have the price for the entire bundle. 

All individual items in a bundle should include the seller number and item number of the barcoded label. (This can be done with packing tape, address labels, paper taped to items). 


  • 101 (seller#)
  • Item 12
  • 2 of 2
  • Prima Latina Instruction DVD and Book

The item number can be found on the “Active Inventory” (Work with Consigned Items) Page and on the barcodes.

See below for places, the item number can be found: 

IF bundling, it is required to include on the label ** any missing pages **or if the item is written in **or if there are missing items. This will help the buyer know about the resource and help you sell the item. Please be honest and make sure all CD’s / DVD’s are with the set before you wrap it to sell. Also make sure that none are scratched. (Remember, the “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” rule). HERI will contact you if the buyer requests a refund for marked on/missing pages/missing items etc. You must have full disclosure on the labels.

Each year, HERI gets calls that a buyer purchased a set and the DVD / CD was missing or the book was written in. 

Because of this issue, this year, we will allow buyers to open bundled items at checkout. If the set is not as it states on the label, the member does not have to purchase the bundle and it will be returned to you, the seller and you will lose a sale.

If you bundle items, please use rubber bands AND plastic storage bags or saran wrap to bundle. 

“Duval Container” (on Myrtle Street) has awesome durable large plastic 2.5-gallon storage bags. The “Dollar Tree” used to sell 2 gallon bags.  We are not sure if they still do. 


HERI will monitor the sales floor to prevent items from being separated but will not be responsible for any items that become separated, lost, stolen, broken.



HERI will have a place to put your free material if you have some that you’d like to give away. Please remove all signs of seller information from your free material. NO FREE MATERIAL WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE SALES FLOOR


REMEMBER: To cover our BookBuster expenses and HERI organization's annual expenses (mainly expenses of the HERI library), HERI will keep 15% of all sales by HERI members. We will keep 25% of sales by non-HERI members. Keep this in mind when you price your materials.

This means if you price a book at $1, (and you are a HERI member):

HERI keeps 15 cents; you get 85 cents.


Please note that My Sale Manager times out every 20 minutes if no activity so you want to be aware of this in case you are in the middle of entering data.  You may save data and return to it at a later date / time.  

Once you register on My Sale Manager as a consignor / seller, you will receive a system assigned seller number from their website which will be used in this sale and future sales. 

Once you have your consignor (seller) number, you will need to access My Sale Manager “Consignor Login” page and enter your “Consignor Number” and “Password”. 

This will take you to the “Consignor Home Page”. Click on the gray button labeled “Activities Menu” in the top left of the green box. This is a drop-down box. From here, you can 

  • Register to volunteer, by clicking on the “View/Approve Volunteer Worker Agreement”


  • Work With Consigned Inventory à Active Inventory à (Choose one from the drop box) to begin entering your books / items

Once you are in the Active Inventory, you will need to add each book / item as a record. If you are bundling, meaning you are selling more than one item as a set, see the BUNDLING RULES above. 

Category - Select from the drop box values. Below is a list of the categories: 

Curriculum Tables:                Other Tables:

Pre-K & K                              Foreign Language

1st grade                                Games & Manipulatives

2nd grade                               Teaching Aids - Books on How to Homeschool

3rd grade                                Reading, Children – Note if part of Curriculum

4th grade                                Reading, Teen – Note if part of Curriculum

5th grade                                Adult Reading/Helps

6th grade                                Unit & Themed Studies

7th grade                                Computer / DVD / audio books / CD’s

8th grade                                History Nonfiction Reference Books

HS Math                                Science Nonfiction Reference Books

HS Science                            Music & Arts

HS History/Social Studies    Geography & Misc. Nonfiction Reference Books

HS English/Language           Bible

HS Electives                         Spelling or writing 

Size – Select from drop box values. 

  • This field represents the number of items being sold individually or as a bundle.

Description Line 1 – This is a free form field

  • This field represents the Title of the Book / CD / DVD or manipulative

o Do not include articles such as “A”,” An”,” The”

o There is limited space in this field

o If you need additional space for the title, continue it in Description Line 2

Description Line 2 – This is a miscellaneous free form field.

  • In this field you can continue the title of the book
  • Note if the book (especially readers) is part of curriculum such as Sonlight
  • Enter author’s or publisher’s name
  • Make miscellaneous notes- missing an item, page written on, missing pages, fair condition, etc.

Price – Enter the price of your item here. 

  • DO NOT enter the $ (dollar) symbol in this line

o It will show after you click on the “submit item” button for this item

  • You may not price an item less than $.50 and you must price items in .50 cents or dollar increments.

Quantity – Select from the drop box value. 

  • This value should always be 1 UNLESS you have more than 1 exact copy of a specific item (as this will print the same tag and price more than once for the quantity listed in this field).

To print tags for your inventory, click on RETURN TO INVENTORY MENU à Activities Menu à Work with Consigned Inventory & select print tags.

You can use Avery Labels or print on copier paper and tape the labels to the items.  If you use this process, do NOT put tape over the barcode.  Tape the edges of the label to the item.   

Bundled Items – remember the barcoded label must be on the top item of the set and the other items in the set should have the seller number and the item number listed. 

If you are interested in working this event, access the BookBuster 2021 Volunteer page for more information.  To donate your items to the HERI Library that do not sell, please complete the BookBuster 2021 Donation Form.

Thank you for following these guidelines to make BookBuster a great event for all!

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance with the consignment software.  

HERI BookBuster Coordinator at HERIJax@yahoo.com.


If you would like more information regarding this event, send an email to herijax@yahoo.com.