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Home Education Resources and Information, Inc.
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www.homeschool-life.com/fl/herijax or www.herijax.com

Group Membership Information for Group Leaders

Below is the information you will need to join HERI as a group.  Group memberships will be accepted year round.  In an effort to make both of our jobs easier, your members can now go directly to our website and sign up for membership.  The rate remains at $30.00.  There is a space on the application for them to list your group.  As they complete the application, they will be directed to PayPal where they will need to choose group membership.  I will send you the names of those registering with your group.  Once they have signed up for membership, they can access the discount code for FPEA on our website as a member.  The cost for group membership in FPEA is $36.  This allows them to register themselves and makes the process easier for FPEA and us.  We are not requiring a minimum to be recognized as a HERI group this year.  We would like for you to continue to encourage your membership to partner with us as we seek to be a central location for homeschool information in our five county area.  We also are not offering the free membership this year.  We do know that this has been a blessing to some, so if there is a hardship in your group, please let us know so that we can help. 

  • The group membership offers a $5 savings compared to an individual HERI membership and the HERI code offers a $10 savings compared to an individual FPEA membership.  

Your group can also receive a free listing in the Home Forum (newsletter) pending future publications (please contact us directly regarding the newsletter) and on the website www.homeschool-life.com/fl/herijax.com Your group will also be promoted to new homeschoolers that contact HERI for information.

HERI wants to be your partner as you seek to meet the needs of your group.  If you need anything from us, please let us know.  We want you and your members to be successful on this journey of homeschooling.

Thanks for all of your support!

HERI's Mission Statement: To strengthen homeschooling families by providing resources and networks for success. To promote unity and support within the local homeschool community.

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