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Advertising Pricing

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Advertising with HERI

We limit our advertising to homeschooling related resources and businesses.


HERI Facebook Ad - Listing is good for one consecutive month. Your ad will be posted once a week for four weeks for $40.  Must be a jpg format.

HERI eBlast Ad - HERI's bi-weekly electronic email.  This is sent to every HERI member. Your 1/8 page (4" W x 2.5" H) size ad, will be sent two times for $40.  Must be a jpg format.

HERI eBlast Solo Ad - from You - to HERI Members - HERI will send a special eBlast with your ad ONLY to every HERI member for $225.  Must be a jpg format.

Rotating Slideshow Home Page Ad - For one consecutive month (can begin at any point in the month and will run for 30 days) for $100.  Must be a jpg format.

Service Directory Ad - Listing is good for three consecutive months for $25, six months for $40, or one year's period for $70. This is for local businesses/resources only.  We will add a link to your website under our service directory menu.  We can post your small business logo, if submitted in a jpg format.


Please supply camera-ready artwork per HERI Ad Specifications as noted below:

Vector File Format
- pdf or eps with fonts converted to outline

Bitmap File Format:
- png, jpg or tif at 300 dpi at the specified size of the Ad you are purchasing

HERI is not responsible for Ad quality if the supplied artwork does not meet HERI Ad Specs.

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Contact Person

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Business Name

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Business Website


Ad Options/Prices

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Facebook Ad $40 (1x Week/4 weeks) eBlast Ad $40 (2x Month/1 Month)
Slideshow Ad $100 (30 days) eBlast Solo Ad - from You - to HERI Members $225
Service Directory Ad - 3 months $25 Service Directory Ad - 6 months $35
Service Directory Ad - 12 months $70 Home Forum Full Page Color Ad $200
Home Forum 1/2 Page Color Ad $140 Home Forum 1/4 Page Color Ad $70
Home Forum 1/8 Page Color Ad $45