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2018 HERI EXPO Raffle or HERI Lending Library Donations

Although some companies would like to attend our event, they are not able to do so.  If you would like to donate items to our EXPO raffle or HERI Lending library, you can do so and have your company’s name printed in our program under our raffle sponsors and a link to your company’s web URL. 

HERI has a Lending library with 20,000 plus pieces of material.  This allows families that can't afford the latest curriculum to borrow material for the school year to supplement their needs. 

Registration must occur by May 31st to be included in the program.  

If your donation is received after May 31, HERI will send out an e-blast recognizing your company's product as a gift.  

All products should be mailed to : HERI - PO BOX 26758, Jacksonville, FL 32226

Deliveries:  HERI -  1322 Eastport Road, Jacksonville, FL 32218

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