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Laws / Legislation

North Dakota Home Education Law:

Follow this link for a copy of the N. D. Century code section on home education.  The Law

Simply reading the six page North Dakota home education law will answer most questions and provide home educators with the maximum freedom. If it is not required by law, you are not required by law to do it.

There have been two Attorney General opinions rendered in the last few years.  The first opinion concerns parental qualifications and may be viewed here: 2007 Attorney General Opinion.  The second opinion concerns homeschooling and open enrollment.

Quick Facts to Dispel Some of the Myths

  1. The ND Constitution does not require that ALL ND students have the RIGHT of a QUALITY education.  That is United Nations language, not the ND Constitution or US Constitution.
  2. No Child Left Behind does not apply at all to home education because it has a home school exemption clause.
  3. While teacher qualifications improve student performance in the public schools, it has been proven conclusively that teacher qualifications do not improve student learning or accomplishment in the home school tutorial atmosphere.
  4. Home education laws do not correlate to a reduction in educational neglect. In fact, where high regulation exists more neglect occurs.
  5. Home school tutorial student-customized learning methods do not look like conventional education and needn't be for effectiveness.
  6. Monitoring does nothing to ensure a quality education as proven over the last 20 years. It is an unnecessary expense to the state and an interruption of learning for home educating families. This is one of the reasons home school families don't move to ND or leave.

The NDHSA Public School & Home School Law Incident Report Form

The purpose of this form is to record the incidents which occur in relationships between ND home educators and the ND public school system and or with respect to the home education laws. The NDHSA office regularly receives verbal reports, but having the detailed and verifiable data from the source is needed to effectively use this information to help legislators understand these issues and encourage their support of home education liberty. This form also can be used for reporting incidents such as if you decide to leave North Dakota because of the home education laws or not come to North Dakota because of the home education laws. Print, complete and send this form to the NDHSA office.

Legislative WATCHes for the 2015 legislative session here