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Gen J Teen Track

We are excited to offer our teens the opportunity to attend a full "Generation Joshua" track.  There is an extra fee for this track. Students should pre-register for this program on the online convention registration form or mail-in the form. 

There will NOT be any any security or supervision provided by the NDHSA at the Gladstone Inn besides the instructors in the room.  Parents may consider accompanying their students to and from the venue to drop off and pick up if desired.

For those teens not wishing to participate in the GenJ track, there are several general sessions offered during the convention at the Civic Center venue that are of interest to teens.  They will be noted in the workshop schedule and descriptions by a yellow star.

Your teens may prefer just "hanging out" with other teens in the exhibit hall or other lounging areas at the Civic Center.  

We are also excited about some special Friday night activities for children, dads, teens and moms!  Stay tuned for more details.

We do our best to provide activities for our children and teens, but space, cost and supervision do inhibit what we are able to offer.  Thanks for understanding, and we hope to see you and your children in Jamestown!