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Cathy Duffy's Curriculum Reviews
Cathy Duffy has been reviewing curriculum for the homeschooling community since 1984. She also reviews other resources she believes are important for those interested in homeschooling, education, the origins debate, and related political, and spiritual topics. This site features abbreviated reviews of Cathy's Top Picks from her latest book, 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, as well as more than a thousand reviews of other homeschool products.
Home School Legal Defense Association
HSLDA advocates for homeschooling, partnering with our member families at local and national levels. We also provide legal and educational support from preschool through graduation.
The NDHSA has made arrangements with HSLDA to provide a group discount.
National Home Education Research Institute
North Dakota
Knight Publishing
North Dakota History Curriculum
NOTE - The Knight's do not have a website so you will need to contact them at the email address listed for information about their text.
North Dakota Army National Guard
You can be a HERO! You're already a proud member of your community. Joining the North Dakota Army National Guard team allows you to be there-helping your community, state and country when they need you most
North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Our primary mission is to assist North Dakotans with disabilities to improve their employment opportunities and to assist North Dakota businesses in finding solutions to their disability-related issues. We assist individuals with permanent injuries, illness, or impairments to achieve competitive employment and increased independence. We also assist business owners and employers through full service business consultation on a variety of business and disability-related areas. As part of this mission DVR helps eligible students with disabilities either obtain or maintain employment that is within one's capabilities. DVR offers vocational guidance and counseling, transition planning, resources and information on assistive technology, advocacy, training, pre-vocational skills, job search assistance and other community services
ND Scholarship Program
State Historical Society of North Dakota
The State Historical Society of North Dakota, the North Dakota State Museum and North Dakota Studies collects exhibits and provides information relating the heritage and history of the people living on the northern plains. We develop and distribute educational materials, offer public programs and manage state historic site around North Dakota.
Resources and Curriculum
Abiding Truth Ministry
Abiding Truth Ministry is a 501c3 formed to mentor, teach, and train Biblical living. We offer mentoring by phone or in person, speaking at events, and biblical resources such as our Practical Proverbs series including Bible studies through Proverbs for the elementary student, the high school student, and women. We also carry yearly devotionals, biographies, resources on how to teach the Bible to your children and other encouraging books. Dara Halydier is the Chief Executive and author of many of these books. She homeschooled for 21 years and helped start two support groups in Texas. She loves spending time with her husband, five boys, three daughters-in-law, and eight grandchildren.
Alpha Omega Publishers
Print-based, computer-based, and online homeschooling curriculum formats, A leading Christian homeschooling curriculum publisher,
Apologia Educational Ministries
Educational Ministries offers creation based homeschool science, other curriculum, and many other great homeschool resources.
BJU Press/HomeWorks by Precept
BJU Press is a publisher of textbooks and video lessons for homeschool families. We are committed to creating materials that help parents deliver an education that is based on sound educational principles, inspires a joy in learning, and is rooted in a solid biblical worldview. Contact one of our experienced HomeWorks consultants today to learn more about BJU Press!
Christian Light Education
Christian Light Education , a division of Christian Light Publications, offers a complete, Bible-integrated curriculum for Grades 1-12. Also kindergarten materials, Christian library and resource books.
Classical Conversations
Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. We believe there are three keys to a great education: classical, Christian, and Community. The classical model divides the learning process into three stages: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. In the grammar stage, children devour facts. In the dialectic stage, children ask many questions,sort and evaluate these facts. In the rhetoric stage, teenagers synthesize their knowledge and apply it. From beginning to end, the Classical Conversations curriculum is founded on the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. Classical Conversations plants and supports local communities who meet once a week. Being part of a like-minded and committed community provides parents and students encouragement, fellowship, and accountability.
Diane Craft Learning Systems
"Is your bright, hard working learner working too hard too learn? Use a Totally Different Approach to teaching this year! The Dianne Craft "Right Brain" Learning System's inexpensive, successful, three-pronged approach gives you the tools to correct symptoms of Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Auditory Processing Issues, Sensory Processing Dysfunction, ADD/ADHD at home! Check out our website to read articles and download free checklists to evaluate your child or student's learning needs and discover what you can do to make learning easier this year."
HEPPNER’S LEGACY Homeschool Resources
“It is our Ministry and Mission to help you Succeed in the Comprehensive Education of Your Children™”. For three decades we’ve worked individually with families to find methods and resources to make home education a success. We have carefully selected a wide array of excellent products that you can trust, for all ages and subjects, including many hard to find items. We provide curricula, manipulatives, science supplies, fiction, biographies, audios, maps, timelines, unit studies, games, and much more. Special orders welcome. “Come for the Books. Stay for the Therapy™”.
Miller Pads and Paper
We make adventures that are designed for families whose kids need a bit of fun motivation to do everyday things like schoolwork, chores or have better attitudes.
North Dakota Center for Distance Education
NDCDE offers Over 300 online course grades Pre-K, and 3-12. We provide quality ONLINE curriculum for students that helps to support parents (especially in specialty areas).
NDCDE exists to help students learn and to ensure that the quality of each student’s learning experience meets or exceeds all standards and expectations. Regardless of location or situation, all students should have access to quality courses online and NDCDE can provide them to students with a teacher attached to play a supporting role as a content expert, and/or to aid in pacing. NDCDE, in partnership with all members of the education community, seeks to add value to each student. Each value is measured via student performance. The result is a student who realizes what has been learned, knows how to apply what has been learned, and recognizes the value of what has been learned.
Pediatric Therapy Partners
At Pediatric Therapy Partners, we believe your child deserves the best. That includes the most comprehensive and advanced help available from compassionate experts in a safe environment. That is why we provide home-based services in and around the Fargo and Bismarck areas and also at our new state of the art pediatric therapy facilities.
RightStart Mathematics
RightStart Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience. The program lessons guide the teacher day-by-day and year-by-year, helping children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics while surpassing state standards."
ROCK International
ROCK International has resources that cover an overview of the Bible in a chronological manner. Starting in Creation, we develop a foundation of understanding meanwhile providing a framework in which to put the biblical pieces together. We cover 5 Old Testament blood sacrifices and build up to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. With over 700 Scriptures, this material is scripture-centric. This is a multi-language presentation and good for all ages.
The curriculum is set up for a 15 week segment. It may also be augmented to be used over the course of a year.
Rod and Staff Publishers
Rod and Staff Publishers is an excellent source for God-honoring books, textbooks, and curriculum for schools and homeschools...and homes and churches.
Shiller Learning: Montessori at Home
ShillerLearning publishes multi-sensory, Montessori-based hands-on ShillerMath for pre-k through pre-algebra and ShillerLearning Language Arts for pre-k through 3rd gr. with color lesson books, songs & manipulatives. No Montessori knowledge is required, and there's zero lesson preparation! With free downloads of replacement consumables, one kit works for the whole family. Diagnostic testing makes placement a breeze. Stop by to see the multi-sensory difference and win a free kit!
Teaching Textbooks
At Teaching Textbooks, we realize that one of the things that makes homeschooling so superior from an academic standpoint is that students are free to work with a customized curriculum at their own pace. This allows for truly individualized instruction. However, most textbooks are designed for classroom use not individual study. The idea behind TT was to create products that include everything that's in a normal textbook plus all of the instruction the student typically receives in class. In fact, the TT program offers more instruction than most students get in a classroom setting, enabling homeschoolers to retain their freedom to work independently without giving up the instruction they need to succeed.
TEL Library
TEL Library is a non-profit, digital-learning library dedicated to providing affordable learning to anyone, anytime, anywhere. As part of our commitment to affordable education, TEL Library offers a parent-friendly, inclusive solution for college-bound homeschool students. Our high-quality, self-paced courses provide 3 college credit hours while covering core high school requirements for dual enrollment. Equally important, the TEL Library curriculum is designed to help students develop the literacies and competencies they need to flourish in college and beyond.
The Institute on the Constitution
The Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) is an educational outreach that presents the founders “American View” of law and government. IOTC has produced thousands of Constitution graduates in all 50 states. Also, our “American Club” curriculum is currently infultrating America’s university and High School campuses becoming a bridge to winning the next generation to our constitutional – Christian cause and helping them combat the "Separation of Church and State” mentality.
The Works People
Empowering homeschooled children in Handwriting, Spelling, Reading, and Grammar, so they can Excel in all Subjects.
Usborne Books & More
Usborne and Kane Miller books are the most exciting, engaging and educational books on the market today. They are high quality, innovative, lavishly illustrated and best of all they are the books kids love to read. Choose from almost 2,000 titles covering a wide variety of subjects. Find Learning Wrap-Ups and Learning Palette (the manipulative) and Learning Palette Online, a fun, interactive game-like platform, curriculum to enhance instruction, immediate feedback, which builds understanding and self-confidence.
YWAM Publishing
Publishers of the best-selling "Christian Heroes: Then & Now" and "Heroes of History" biographies and unit studies as well as various other homeschool, missions, and Christian growth materials including titles by national authors/speakers Heidi St John and Carol Barnier.
VoWac offers phonics and spelling curriculum for Pre-K - 4. Homeschool parents have the option to lease most teaching materials for 40% of the value for one year. VoWac lessons provide direct, step-by-step instruction. The curriculum includes consumable workbooks, charts, posters, flashcards, games, and a
variety of teaching materials to help teach your child to read. VoWac also makes a training DVD available to parents if they decide to use the program.
Association Free Lutheran Bible School & Seminary
The Association Free Lutheran Bible School (AFLBS) is a two-year Bible college designed to help students grow in their relationship with God through the study of His Word. Located in suburban Minneapolis, AFLBS equips students with Biblical knowledge and practical training for a life of faith in Christ.
College Plus!
Unbound gives you a proven plan to reduce your college expenses and graduate faster.
Credits Before College
Helping students earn a debt-free college degree and find a career they love. Services include career assessment and academic advisement, plus homeschool to college credit study guides, books, and resources for middle and high school students.
Fast Transcripts
Fast Transcripts enables you to track your high schooler’s courses via online record keeping, and then helps you produce an official transcript with an auto-calculation feature for determining yearly and cumulative GPAs.
John Witherspoon College
John Witherspoon College is the first and only college of its kind in the Black Hills region. Founded in 2004 as Black Hills Biblical Institute, JWC became a 4-year, degree-granting college in 2012. Named for the only college president (and only active pastor) to sign the Declaration of Independence, JWC seeks to honor his legacy by reclaiming the great Christian intellectual tradition and by rigorous, Christ-centered preparation for service in the church and in the world. With an outstanding faculty, low tuition, programs for traditional students and adult learners, and teaching sites in strategic locations, JWC seeks to serve the Body of Christ with affordable, accessible, Christ-centered excellence. John Witherspoon College has achieved Candidate-Level Accreditation status with the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS).
ND University System Credits Before College
A link providing information regarding CLEP course equivalencies for the North Dakota University System.
Trinity Bible College
EXPERIENCE CALLING. Trinity Bible College & Graduate School is committed to training people with theological reflection and missional passion. Enjoy small class sizes, world renowned teachers and speakers, an authentic faith community, real relationships, a rigorous education, and a college that feels like home.
Chris Argenziano Guitar
Chris Argenziano Guitar offers guitar lessons in a fun and engaging environment to students of all levels, ages six and up. Students can choose a variety of styles including classical, jazz, rock, blues, and acoustic. All lessons are customized to fit the individual needs of each student
Circle C Adventures
Historical adventure books for all ages, from first chapter books through teen readers. The supplemental enrichment guides and lapbooks that accompany the books also make the Circle C Adventures a great year-long literature and language arts curriculum.
FICTION FOR TEENS GivenHoffman.com
Suspenseful young adult fiction that engages teenagers in fast moving, gripping, romance-free adventures that incorporate relevant teen issues and practical Christianity. Fiction teenage boys will like!
Generation Joshua (sponsored by HSLDA)
The Vision of Generation Joshua is to assist parents to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders and citizens, equipped to positively influence the political processes of today and tomorrow.
Glendive Dinosaur Museum
A Bible-based dinosaur and fossil museum that presents history in the context of a recent creation.
Home School Pioneers
History and biographies of those who shaped the early days of the homeschooling movement in the United States.
Pencil Grip Inc
The Pencil Grip, Inc. is a family owned and operated company that provides a wide variety of products that can be used in the home, office, or school. We began specializing in ergonomic pencil grips, and since have included mess free and durable arts and crafts supplies. Our products are tried and trusted by many parents, teachers, and occupational therapists, satisfaction guaranteed.
Perfect Praise Publishers
The Kingdom Series, a 6 book series written by Chuck Black, is a chronological allegory of the entire Bible set in a medieval time period. The Knights of Arrethtrae, also a 6 book series, is a companion series set in the same kingdom, but each book stands alone in this character-building series. Chuck's most recent 3-book series, the Wars of the Realm, depicts modern day spiritual warfare centered around the life of one young man - Drew Carter. Chuck is also the author of "Call to Arms: The Guts and Glory of Courageous Fatherhood," a practical, how-to book for dads. All of Chuck's books are also available as fully dramatized audio books featuring professional voice acting, sound effects, and original soundtracks.
Priscilla J. Krahn
The goal of Priscilla's books is to provide wholesome books with a message. Books that not only entertain, but can change lives. Each of these high-paced, intense action books, are written by Priscilla J. Krahn who incorporates her life experience into thrilling novels for all ages.
Project Appleseed
Project Appleseed can help transform you from a man with a rifle into a Rifleman. A Rifleman is more than a man (or woman) with a rifle. A Rifleman understands that owning and mastering a rifle is part of his heritage as an American. And he knows why: This is a nation founded by Riflemen -- men and women skilled in the use of arms. Those skills served the colonists well when they stood up to the British on April 19, 1775, at Lexington and Concord, and routed the British forces that tried to seize the colonists' arms. Throughout history, Riflemen have embodied personal responsibility and been pillars of their communities, characteristics that are becoming ever more rare in our nation. At Project Appleseed, we want to return America to being a nation of Riflemen and we want you to join us.
Trail Life
Trail Life USA is a Christ centered youth program for boys 6 through 18. This program is designed to enhance the local Church's outreach into their communities with an outdoors experience to teach Christian values, build relationships, serve the Lord and the Community and learn to be a responsible citizen. A excellent enhancement for Home School curriculum. Information and resources will be available to start a TLUSA Troop in your community.
Trail's End Ranch
Trail's End Ranch is a Bible camp that uses sports and adventure to reach children and families for the Lord. Our philosophy is to move each camper forward in all aspects of their life: mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and most important spiritually. We strive to show Christ's love to those who come to camp for a week in the summer, or attend a retreat during the rest of the year.