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Contact Us

Please contact the following CHAMPIONS officers with specific questions or requests. Inserting CHAMPIONS in the subject line may help your email not be misdirected as spam. Someone will respond to you promptly!


Darlene Hoffman, Director:


♦ Overall goals (vision) or history of CHAMPIONS for Christ

♦ Policy decisions

♦ Prayer requests

♦ Unresolved issues

♦ General questions


Cheryl Nicholson, Co-Director/Facility Coordinator:


♦ Service hours scheduling or substituting

♦ Safety issues

♦ Dress code issues

♦ Reporting anything broken, missing or needed in the building


Heidi Orris, Registrar:


♦ Requesting membership

♦ Class registration and scheduling


Lori Payne, Technology Support & Liaison:


♦ Website questions, navigation or issues

♦ Password glitches

♦ Engrade help


Melissa Bemis, Secretary/Treasurer:


♦ Information concerning fundraisers

♦ Bulletin Board questions


Valerie Wright, Special Events Coordinator: 


♦ Questions about special lunches and events

♦ Monthly birthday cupcakes schedule


Susan Hitt, Mentor Support & Liaison:


♦ Mentor questions and concerns about classes, students, policies and tardy tuition payments

♦ Parent/student questions and concerns for mentors