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Upcoming Events

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May 6 - Friday
06:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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May 20 - Friday
07:00 PM - 10:00 PM

May Crowning
May 24 - Tuesday
10:45 AM - 04:00 PM

Memorial of our patroness, St. Therese of Lisieux.

"Instead of being discouraged, I told myself: God would not make me wish for something impossible and so, in spite of my littleness, I can aim at being a saint. It is impossible for me to grow bigger, so I put up with myself as I am, with all my countless faults. But I will look for some means of going to heaven by a little way which is very short and very straight, a little way that is quite new...It is your arms, Jesus, which are the lift to carry me to heaven, And so there is no need for me to grow up. In fact, just the opposite: I must stay little and become less and less."

 –St. Thérèse of Lisieux, The Story of a Soul, 113

Mission Statement

Little Way Homeschool Cooperative seeks to help form our children in the Holy Catholic Faith by providing arts and enrichment experiences in a nurturing, loving, supportive family environment with the goal of guiding our children to “know, love and serve God in this life to be happy with Him in Heaven.”


About Us

We are a group of mostly Catholic homeschooling families that began in 2003 with seven families.  Currently, we consist of over 40 families from Union, Morris, Somerset, Bergen, Hunterdon and Middlesex Counties of NJ.  As a Christian Cooperative, we all share in the work and joy of our Friday meetings.  All families fully participate in the responsibility of the Co-op's success.  The small group of Board Members facilitates planning and decision making, but not without the input of Group Liaisons and the membership as a whole. Everyone is encouraged to offer input and recommendations.

Our group is a member of HSLDA that takes advantage of a significant discounted group rate. To be in the Co-op, all families are required to have this membership.  If a family chooses not to take advantage of the group rate, they must provide their HSLDA membership number and expiration date.

Members agree to abide by the Statement of Responsibility, Volunteer Agreements, Fee Schedule and the procedures under FAQ to assist in the overall function of the group.

Costs to run the Co-op are mostly covered by the family fee.  We welcome and encourage our members to make a donation, no matter how small.  Please make out donations to Little Way Homeschool Corp. and send to the Financial Secretary with "donation" in the memo.  


Our Lady of Mount Virgin School

450 Drake Avenue

Middlesex, NJ  08846


The Little Way Homeschool Co-op started with a handful of families who offered Music and Art in a home setting.  Eventually, Maureen Debrot and six other families contracted a larger space to expand.  The contract was signed to rent three rooms and the Cafeteria at Little Flower School in Berkeley Heights on August 15, 2003.

In 2010-2011, the use of the building expanded to the second floor to accommodate 40-45 families.

In 2012-2013, The Little Way Co-op expanded to fifty families.  It was at this point that the facility could no longer house the needs of the members.  

Fortunately for Co-op members, Our Lady of Mount Virgin School and facility was available for lease and has been the perfect place for members' needs since then.  Currently, we are looking for another facility as our time at OLMV is coming to an end in June 2016.  Please pray for our co-op home, and let one of the Board Members know if there is a place you think might consider hosting.

To arrange a visit before becoming a member, please do the following:

We do ask that one of the children are at least 5 years old by October 1.  

1.)  Peruse our website and read the documents listed on the sidebar.

2.)  Click on the arrow icon at top right of page.  Then click on "Request Membership in this Homeschool Group."

3.)  Fill out all information, especially the ages of your children.  This will help us determine if there is room in a particular age group to accommodate your children.

4.)  You will be contacted via email with more information and an invitation to spend the day with us to help you determine if our co-op is a good fit for your family.

5.) If after your visit you decide to join, please submit your first tuition payment to the Financial Secretary.  You will then be able to create a username and password to gain access to all information on our website and be included in the family directory.  It is imperative that you read all emails from Little Way and posts on the forum as well as regularly read the FAQs to stay informed.

Please note:  If you fill out the membership information and later decide you are no longer interested in joining, we will delete your information.  If you decide to join at a later date, please request membership again since we do not save information on prospective members who have not joined.  Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in the Little Way Co-op, and we hope to hear from you soon!