Thank you for your interest in TEACH co-op! In an effort to serve our current families well, we are accepting new families on a limited basis. If there are classes still open in which you are interested (click "Class Registration" on left to view), please click "Join" above to take the next step toward membership.


Policies and Conduct

TEACH Co-op Policies, Procedures, and Code of Conduct

Welcome to TEACH Co-op! We are happy to have each and every one of you joining us this year.  We've compiled this manual to clarify procedures and expectations.  

About TEACH Co-op:

We hold to the Apostles' Creed as our statement of faith.  While a family need not be Christian to be members of TEACH, the worldview of the co-op is Biblical and unapologetically Christian and all teachers have agreed to the Statement of Faith.  

Membership Benefits, Fees, and Responsibilities:

1. Each member family will sign a form each year acknowledging receipt of and agreement to follow the policies, procedures, and code of conduct. This includes agreeing to respect the Mission Statement and Statement of Faith, although agreement with the Statement of Faith is not necessary to become a member.  A liability release form and emergency contact/medical release will also be signed.  

2.  A membership fee will be paid annually by each family.  The fee will be the same for each family, regardless of family size.  These fees cover administrative costs including, but not limited to, website costs, insurance, and supplies needed for the running of the co-op.  Membership fees are non-refundable.

3.  A small deposit for each class is paid to the co-op each year.  Tuition fees are paid directly to each teacher.  Tuition payments are to be made on or before the first day of each semester, unless other arrangements have been made directly with the teacher prior to the beginning of the semester.  Any special arrangements made should be honored as well, and paid on time as per the schedule agreed upon.  Our teachers work hard both inside and outside of class, and should not be expected to remind families repeatedly about payment.

4.  Parents will be responsible for any bank fees incurred by TEACH and/or teachers if checks are returned for insufficient funds.

5.  We believe in the quality of our classes and teaching ability of each member of our teaching staff.  Thus, we ask each family to carefully consider the benefits of each class with the understanding that their class commitment is for one year (with the exception of classes clearly stated as one-semester classes) and all tuition fees are per semester (not per week/per class) and are nonrefundable, unless a class is canceled.   There will be no refund issued for missed classes due to student illness or other reasons.  In addition, there will be no refund for days missed due to weather emergencies or teacher illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

6.  A member directory is available on our website, accessible only by current TEACH members.  A family may not opt out of inclusion in the directory (which is only visible to current co-op members), nor may they opt out of receiving the weekly e-newsletter.  Email is our primary means of communication in TEACH, and it is necessary that all families be connected in this way.  Please keep your family profile up-to-date.

7.  Each family will take a turn doing basic cleaning of the facility one to two times a year, and a schedule will be set in advance.  If a member cannot be present on the day they are scheduled, they must find a substitute and then notify the committee member in charge of the schedule.

8.  Illness policy: Students should be well to attend co-op.  Children exhibiting fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or any symptoms of communicable diseases are asked not to attend.  Children should not attend co-op unless they have been symptom free for at least 24 hours. This includes being fever-free WITHOUT medication for at least 24 hours.

9. Weather Policy: This is a CHANGE from previous years. TEACH Co-op will follow only Springfield Schools for weather delays and cancellations for snow hazards. TEACH will NOT cancel for fog or cold, only delay one hour. If Springfield's reason for cancellation is uncertain, TEACH will send an email to its members. We trust our families to make the best decision for their individual families concerning travel safety.

Code of Conduct:

1.  We believe that familial involvement is critical to the success of our students. For children up through 8th grade, a parent or responsible adult must remain in the building while their student is in attendance.  High school students are permitted to attend without an adult present on site.

2.  Please no running, yelling, or horseplay while in the church building.  No playing in the parking lot.

3.  Students should dress in an appropriate and God-honoring manner.  Clothing that is revealing or immodest, or tops that expose bare midriff or undergarments is not permitted. (Examples include halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, and low cut tops) Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be of modest length. (Consider using the “closed fist guideline”...The bottom of the shorts/skirt should be below the extended arm with a clenched fist.)

4.  When not in class, students must remain in the Fellowship Hall area in the lower level of the church.  This helps minimize disruption of classes in progress.  A quiet study room is also available on the lower level.

5.  Students are expected to give full attention to each teacher during class, speaking respectfully and in turn.

6.  While parents are the authority over their children, choosing to place them in classes at TEACH is a choice to voluntarily place them under the authority of their teachers for the duration of the co-op year. Parents are to encourage a respectful attitude toward adults in the co-op, and also to encourage full participation in class and completion of outside work for class.

7.  Please communicate regularly with your student's teachers.  Any issues with the teacher or the class should be addressed directly with the teacher.  We believe in the Matthew 18 model of resolving issues, and only unresolved or ongoing issues should be addressed with the Steering Committee, if necessary.  

8.  Please endeavor to be on time to co-op and to class, out of respect for the teachers and other students in the class. Regular attendance is also expected. Of course we recognize that exceptions happen to all of us.

9.  No adult should be alone in a room with a single child, unless that child is their own.

At least one parent from each member family shall sign that they have read, or had explained to them, and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct.  Repeated violations of this Code of Conduct may result in denial of participation in TEACH.

While we do meet in Christian Fellowship Church, we are an independent entity.  The church graciously supplies the facility, classrooms, and utilities.  We strive to remain respectful of the building and grateful for its use by caring for the building each week.  We also collect an offering twice a year as a gift to the church in appreciation for the use of the facilities.

The Steering Committee is composed of volunteer parents who also agree to the Statement of Faith, and is charged with the financial well-being and smooth management of the TEACH Co-op.  

The Steering Committee appreciates that new issues will arise, and unforeseen circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis using good faith judgment.  The final decision will rest with the Steering Committee, with input from involved parties as needed.