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Parent Service Descriptions



Parent Service Options, minimum # needed, basic description



Prepare lessons & teach a class for 1 or more hours

Roll Takers

Volunteer will take roll for each class at the top of each hour and account for students signed in for the day.

Pre-Wish Leader

Lead activities such as music, story time, building fun, dance, arts & crafts, etc.  for students in the Pre-Wish Program (age 4 and under).   Also, responsible for maintaining classroom as a safe zone for our youngest WISH participants. PreWISH leaders are not subject to preWISH fees.

Office Assistant 

Office assistants work in two hour intervals (one interval would be the entirety of your service duty) and are an integral part of the workings of WISH. This is a new and very involved role and duties included: managing the office and inquiries, overseeing attendance takers, researching fundraising opportunities, distributing and restocking forms, distributing reimbursements, overseeing snack bar, organizing tours for new families, supporting the supply closet crew,  etc.


Arrive at 8:30, assist with opening classrooms, signage, put up front desk tables, set up tables as needed, media room, etc.


Safety Monitor includes courtyard lunch

Parents will be assigned to stations throughout the building and outside to ensure a safe environment.  Safety Monitors are expected to assist students in case of falls, injury or other issues; verify that unidentified adults in the area are authorized to be there; and direct students to classes as needed.  Safety Monitors may also be asked to help teachers on their floor insure small children get to and from the bathroom as needed.

Lunch-time safety monitors need to be standing/walking in the courtyard and gym area, supervising students' play to ensure that they are playing safely and showing respect for people and property. Parents who need to attend to their own children during lunch should not volunteer for positions at this hour.

Safety Monitors must be assertive and comfortable approaching students and adults in a variety of situations to question or correct problems.  They should appear alert and interactive with people passing by, a visible presence that will help ensure that our students are protected.

All safety monitors change on the :45 of each hour.   It is imperative that safety monitors are in position at the appointed time.   Please arrange with another parent to escort your child between classes, if needed.

Safety Monitor Floater

Safety monitor position that is flexible to fill in as needed during the day. Some weeks may have zero hours, some weeks up to 3.


Special Events Committee

Plan, organize and lead the special events throughout the year.  At least 1 event per month.  Committee members need to be available for 2-3 hours on those specific days and additional time as needed to meet with committee for planning purposes.  See calendar for specific dates.

Teacher Asst, k-1, and selected 2nd-3rd 1 each hour - assistants in K-1 will aid the k-1 teachers when needed and monitor children moving from class to class or to the bathroom.



Coordinators receive teacher pricing if paying directly out of pocket and priority class placement during the class selection window in August. Coordinators lead a specific area of assignments, ensure parents understand and complete tasks assigned, communicate with parents and volunteers and liaise with WISH Board.  A lead parent is assigned for each of these areas by the WISH Board:

Safety Monitors, Pre-WISH program, Special Events.

If you would like to be considered for one of these positions, please make note in the comments section.