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About Us




A Message to New Families

Let me begin by welcoming you to our community. I am hopeful that you will find WISH to be a wonderful and worthy place for your family.

WISH was created when a group of mothers had a vision. We wanted to provide a place for homeschooling families where children could come together, develop friendships, and learn in a safe and nurturing environment. Not only was it important to implement this for our children, but we felt it was essential to create a community of support for parents, as well.

Knowing that homeschooling families were generally living on one income, it was imperative that we provide something affordable. In order to keep costs down, we needed a facility that would be willing to work with us on a financial level, and teachers who would be willing to volunteer their time. We have been blessed to find a beautiful facility run by incredibly generous people, and the teacher solution was pretty simple. Why not ask parents to teach? We, as homeschooling parents are, after all, teachers. Why not ask parents to bring their brilliance to the community, to share with us what works for them at home?

Since 2007, we have met many amazing families: families from different backgrounds with different parenting philosophies, different approaches to homeschooling and with different reasons to homeschool. We are unschoolers, we are curriculum following, we are liberals and conservatives, we are religious and secular. As a group we embody all of these ideas. The most amazing thing about WISH, to me, is how, though we are all so very different, we hold each other in high regard and recognize each individual contribution. As a community, we not only tolerate our differences, we embrace them and learn from them, and that is, indeed, a beautiful thing.

So, we welcome you and your children. We invite you to share your gifts. And we thank you for your contribution in making our vision a reality.

With love and gratitude,

(On Behalf of the WISH Board)

PS. Though WISH is governed a by a board of directors, we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas on how to enhance our program. The board is available collectively at 2:00 every Tuesday and individually at various hours throughout the day. If you need to share thoughts with us during the week, phone numbers and emails are provided in our handbook.