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Enrollment Policy

Children may enroll in classes appropriate to their age. To accommodate academically advanced students while still preserving the integrity of social interaction, a child may bump up one grade level. In addition, to accommodate those students needing extra help in some areas or who are advanced in some areas, a child may be enrolled in one grade level and take up to two classes one grade level up or down out of their enrolled grade level. Children who have bumped up a whole grade level are not eligible to advance again in any individual class. 2 E or developmentally challenged students may be considered for exception.

Basic age to grade levels:

Kindergarten - age 5 turning 6

1st - age 6 turning 7

2nd - age 7 turning 8

3rd - age 8 turning 9

4th - age 9 turning 10

5th - age 10 turning 11

6th - age 11 turning 12

7th - age 12 turning 13

8th - age 13 turning 14

9th - age 14 turning 15

10th - age 15 turning 16

11th - age 16 turning 17

12th - age 17 turning 18