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WISH Online - Service Selection

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FOR THE CURRENT ROSTER, PLEASE GO HERE https://www.homeschool-life.com/1172/custom/82846

WISH ONLINE Fall 2020 Service Selection Instructions READ CAREFULLY:

All non teaching families must host two events per semester as their service duty while we are holding classes online.

Zoom Room for Parents is a weekly meet-up for parent support. Hosts may have a theme, arrange for a speaker, or simply chat and have lunch together.

Outdoor Events are for those families who are comfortable in an outdoor setting in small groups. Parent will organize park day, hiking trip, or outdoor party communicating with community and arranging all details.

Movie/Game Nights will be viewed via online platform. Parent will choose a family friendly movie, communicate details to community, and be the host of the event.

In addition, each family must choose two classes in which to be a permanent substitute for the whole semester. WISH requires each class to have three substitutes that may be called upon if the teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach. Teachers will provide material in this event.


Zoom Room for Parents (Tuesdays 12:00)

9/22 9/29
10/6 10/13
10/20 10/27
11/3 11/10
11/17 12/1

Outdoor Event (Saturdays)

9/26 10/31
11/28 12/19

Movie Night/Game Night (Tuesday evenings)

Click here for tips on hosting a game night.
Click here for tips on hosting a Netflix party.
9/22 Movie Night 10/6 Game Night
10/20 Movie Night 11/3 Game Night
11/17 Movie Night 12/1 Game Night
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Please choose TWO classes in which you will be a substitute should the sitauation arise.

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K-1 Magic Tree House 10:00 K-1 Drawing a Story 11:00
K-1 Writing 1:00 4-6th Polymaths 11:00
K-3 STEM 2:00 4-6th Drama 1:00
4-6th Herbal Studies 2:00 4-6th WISH Travel Agency, Inc 2:00
2/3rd Social Studies 10:00 7-12th A-G World History 10:00
2/3rd Global Cooking Adventures 11:00 7-12th Intro to Guitar 10:00
2/3rd Fun with Thinking Games 1:00 7-12th Model UN 12:30
4-6th A Harry Potter Experience 10:00 7-12th Scientific Programming with Python 12:30
4-6th Who-Was-Is History 10:00 7-12th Drama 2:00
4-6th Handwork from the Heart 11:00 7-12 3D Drawing 2:00