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Is CC right for you?


8 reasons that a Classical conversations Community might not be an acceptable educational resource for your family.
You desire:

1- a nonChristian based curriculum and community

Classical Conversations is a Christ centered community. In the middle and high school years our students focus on Christian worldview/apologetics.


2- a traditional non-classical approach to education

We do not use the traditional methods of surveying workbooks, worksheets, and text books. We are a classical education service helping our younger students master a wide body of information with memorization, games, music, and fellowship. Our older students build on this foundation by learning to articulate what they know persuasively and winsomely.


3- to follow your own curriculum

Our program has its own curricula developed to equip your child to learn how to learn anything he/she will need to live the life God has planned for him/her.



4- a drop-off program

Classical Conversations is for the whole family. There is a nursery for our youngest children. One parent is required to attend the class with their elementary aged children. In the classroom, our tutors model for the parents what to do at home. Although not required, parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend the middle and high school classes.


5- an enrichment only experience

We are a full academic program. In a child’s younger years there is minimal daily work to be completed at home but there are age appropriate assignments.

As the child’s academic capabilities progress, the assignments become more comprehensive. Please note that our young elementary students are not given written assignments until upper elementary grades when they attend the Essentials Program.



6- a cost free program

There are costs involved in running our program. Our facility, our trained tutors, and supplies are an incredible value to our families. Most of our families are single income families and we keep our costs as low as possible to honor our families.


7- a flexible calendar

Our younger students meet for 24 weeks out of the year and our older students meet for 30 weeks. (That leaves at least 22 open weeks each year!)

We are a community – we need each other and keep each other accountable.


8- an umbrella school or covering

Classical Conversations deeply values the role of the parent as their child’s primary teacher. Although we provide transcript and annual standardized testing services, the parent is responsible to follow the state and county law for record keeping.