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Pre-K through 6th grade


Foundations And Essentials Program



 (Our Morning Program)

Whether you're educating one, four, or twelve children, our Foundations Program makes learning FUN for both mom and student!  Think one room schoolhouse.  The blessing and joy of classical christian education is that it combines simplicity with excellence!  Regardless of the number of students in your home, all children twelve years of age and under learn the same material!   This greatly simplifies moms life and makes for great discussions around the dinner table!


The creator of Classical Conversations, Leigh Bortin's, believes that God places children in a family (rather than in classrooms) and has set up the program to enable a mom to teach all her younger children together. For 24 weeks, 9 AM - noon, students learn about God's world through math, geography, history, English, Latin, and science. Each week a science experiment and fine arts session is also included in the morning.


To honor the family budget, one set of minimal curriculum serves an entire family for all years of Foundations attendance. No need to by new curricula for each student or for each new year.

 Moms attend the morning session along with their Foundations student(s).


If you wish to learn more about classical christian education, Classical Conversations, and our incredible Foundations program please contact our Foundations Director:  Michelle Potsic abidinginjesus@outlook.com



(Our Afternoon Program)

Do kids really like to play math games?.....diagram sentences?.......write engaging paragraphs? Absolutely! (If, that is, they attend the Essentials Program.)  Classicial Conversations puts the JOY back in your homeschool!


Our Essentials Program is designed for approximately students 4th - 6th grade who are ready to dig a little deeper. Moms and students attend class from 1 PM - 3 PM, delving into writing (IEW resources), math games, English grammar.


There are plenty of games and classroom activities to help even the most reluctant student discover the beauty of numbers and language.


If you wish to learn more about classical christian education, Classical Conversations, and our incredible Essentials program please contact our Essentials Director:  Michelle Potsic abidinginjesus@outlook.com