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Middle and High School

Middle & High School


Our Classical Conversations Challenge Programs combine community with excellence in helping your child prepare for the next step.... College! 

Join us as we journey the middle and high school road together. Our classes are discussion based and fully integrated, helping students grasp that subjects are not naturally segregated, but bump, collide, and flow together to weave His-story together with the world around them. Classical Conversations provides you, the parent and primary teacher, with a vision, assignment schedule, and accountability.


Students meet weekly with a trained tutor to discuss their prepared work and introduce new concepts. Their weekly assignments focus on developing the art of thoughtful and persuasive discussion and writing. An emphasis is placed on Christian worldview/apologetics. All classes are for credit. Standardized testing and transcript services are available.


Classical Conversations offers Challenge programs for grades 7-12th.  For more information and to talk with a trained tutor please contact Wendy Kruse, Support Representative for the Brandon area.  wkruse@classicalconversations.com