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Leadership Contacts

Name Phone Email Address
Craig and Stephanie Konicki (804) 740-8888 HomeEducators@grovechurch.net HSFC President/Administrator/Website
Jeni and Jason Mauney (804) 690-6639 Jenimauney@hotmail.com HSFC Field Trips Coordinator
Jessica Carneal (804) 752-7843 Livlif2itsfulest@gmail.com HSFC Social Media Coordinator
Jeff and Tiffany Weigle (804) 368-7043 jeffandtiff@aol.com HSFC Dad's Support and Dad's Special Events GABC Men's Ministry Liason
Liz Dombroski (804) 244-0861 tigermother3@gmail.com HSFC Moms Connection Coordinator
Angie Gallagher (804) 397-5047 aandr1704@gmail.com HSFC Hospitality and Member Care
Amy Bealer (215) 872-1713 bealers5@comcast.net HSFC Children's Program and Teen Cafe Program
Jennifer Wood (804) 270-0495 jennifer@5jfamily.net HSFC Big Events Photographer
Crickett Brown (804) 598-8901 mikeandcrickettbrown@yahoo.com HSFC Homeschool Mentoring Coordinator